Drive for work

Drive for Work?

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To minimise occupational road risk (reduce collisions Whist driving for work) organisations must undertaken a comprehensive driver health & safety assessment to minimise risk, current health and safety legislation requires it!

Businesses who have opted out of offering the traditional company car to employees (sometime called grey Fleet) believing that moving to a cash-for-car, personal contract purchase scheme or letting the employee use their own car when driving for work removes their health and safety responsibilities, it does not!

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, states that employers have a statutory duty – ‘ to carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their employees’ including work related driving activity: CLICK HERE

Driving for work is one of the most dangerous work-related activities performed by employee.

Fatal road collision are treated by the police as ‘unlawful killing’ until proven otherwise, if and when appropriate, may interview the employee, managers and directors.

Under today’s legislation, if the company’s actions or lack of them (failure to comply with Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) is deemed to have contributed to the death/deaths, company’s directors/owners may be charged with corporate manslaughter.

Organisations that don’t act are gambling with the lives of their staff and therefore failing to provide appropriate ‘duty of care’ and are missing an opportunity to reduce vehicle operating costs and protect ‘brand image and brand value’

Directors and managers need to address this issue and put occupational road risk on an urgent agenda!

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What is the appropriate ‘duty of care?

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