Young Drivers – Experience Matters

Over the past week we have noticed in the newspapers and listened to debates on the radio about allowing newly qualified drivers on to the road immediately after they have passed both the practical and the theory test.\r\n\r\nThere is no doubt that it does take time to gain experience and the more experience a driver has the better that they are likely to be. The Government is making a lot of suggestions in the case of young people, that they would have to wait until they were 18 years of age, or wait until a year after they passed their driving test before they could go out unaccompanied are just two.\r\n\r\nWhen a person obtains a full licence for the first time it is only natural that they want to get into a car as quickly as possible and show their friends their new skills and this is only natural. However, the best thing any parent can do is to have their children take a course of Pass Plus lessons, which will give the newly qualified driver experience in all road conditions, night driving and motorway as an example, a sure way to cut down those accident statistics.

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