Eco Driving

In this day and age any way of saving money is always a sought after and valued commodity. Often, small changes can combine to make a large difference over time. Imagine how much could be saved if you are able to make small savings over many items. Your fleet of vehicles can offer you a range of money saving options.
Eco Driving is a relatively new concept dealing with improved road safety and fuel efficiency. There are several quite simple driving techniques that can all help to make significant savings.


  • Safer Driving
  • Advanced driving skills
  • Lower vehicle maintenance
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Fewer accidents

5 Top Tips

1. Smooth driving.

Smooth, gentle acceleration and braking uses less fuel. By reading the road ahead and anticipating the traffic flow you can keep the car moving and improve fuel economy. Acceleration uses more fuel and braking wastes the fuel used in acceleration, a constant speed will therefore use less fuel.
Change gear early when you can, ideally around 2000 revs – High or even medium RPM consumes more fuel.

2. Switch it off!

Anything electrical uses fuel to power it, by turning it off you save. Do you really need the Aircon, heated rear windscreen, headlights, electric seats or blowers on? This includes your car ignition, you don’t need to let it “warm up” and if you are sat stationary in traffic for at least 30 seconds you can save fuel by turning it off.

3. Reduce your speed

The faster you travel the more fuel is used. Travelling at 70mph used 9% more fuel than at 60mph. At 80mph you can be using 25% more fuel than 70mph!
Close your windows at high speed – open windows increase aerodynamic drag.

4. Tyres

See our earlier blog for tips. Click Here

5. Reduce weight

Fuel is used to move your car – the more your car weighs the more fuel is needed to move it. Removing your golf clubs or buggy from the boot as well as roof racks and roof boxes will help. You might even consider only half filling your tank and saving weight there too.
How can Bill Plant help?
Through Road Risk Assessment, driving assessment and further training Bill Plant CDM can show you how to save up to 20% of your company fuel bills, whilst reducing accident costs and making your drivers safer.

3 thoughts on “Eco Driving

  1. Hi Peter, great blog! Another good tip – if we have any more hot spells in the UK this year (doubtful)and you’re driving slowly it’s better to have the windows open instead of having air con on. Whereas if you’re driving at higher levels of speed it’s better to have the air con on and the windows closed for fuel economy.

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