ADI Standards check 2014

ADI Standards check 2014

From the 7th of April 2014 the Adi check test has been replaced with the Approved Driving Instructor Standards check.

The new check requires instructors to undergo testing every 4 years, regardless of whether they are teaching at that time, in order to keep their ADI licence.
The old grading of 1 – 6 has now been replaced with:

Grade Score Description
A 43 – 51 Marks You have shown a high standard of instruction and you can say on the register
B 31 – 43 Marks You can stay on the register
Fail 0 – 30 Marks Performance is unsatisfactory


As above, if you score between 0 – 30 marks then you will fail. You then have 2 more attempts to pass. If after 3 attempts you still do not pass then you will be removed from the register and will have to take the ADI tests again.
You will also fail if the examiner has to stop the test due to you putting yourself or anyone else in danger and if you score 7 or less in the ‘risk management’ category.

When to take the test:

The DVLA will send you a letter asking you to take the check. You will have to take at least 1 check test every 4 years.
You can only take the standards check in English or Welsh.

Above information has been taken from the Gov website, you can view more information on the standards check test by follow this link.

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