Looking Back at Road Safety

Looking Back at Road Safety

Road Safety Advances since the Queen came to power 60 years ago
To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this coming weekend, the Bill Plant National Driving School have glanced backwards in time for once, looking at road safety and its developments in the 60 years since our Queen took the throne in 1952.

Road safety today is quite often one of the focus topics for organisations, councils, and individual drivers themselves. It is at a stage whereby figures published last year were the lowest they have been in a long time, largely due to the investment by Road Safety conscious company’s and various local authorities all across the UK, helping to push understanding and awareness to the vast majority of UK road users today.
The Bill Plant National Driving School have in partnership with local councils been a part of this progression and reduction in road deaths by pushing their Road Safety Campaigns.
Using roadshows and leaflets highlighting to the general public the dangers of drink driving, speeding, and driving without due care and attention we have spread the Road Safety bug far and wide!

Having carried these roadshows out over the last 3 years, we are happy to be a part of making the UK roads safer for all road users today.

  • Since 1952, over 315,000 people have died on our UK roads.
  • An average of 6000 people died each year as a result of road traffic accidents in 1952 compared to recent record-low figures of 1857 in 2010 and even fewer in 2011.
  • Compared to 1952, you are up to 7 times safer on the roads in 2012.
  • In 1952 there were only 3.8 million vehicles on our roads rising sharply in recent years to over 35 million!
  • Just 6 years after taking the throne, our Queen saw the UK’s first motorway known then as the Preston Bypass (now the M6) being opened to our UK road users in 1958 and it had NO SPEED LIMIT until 1967 when a 70mph limit was introduced as an experiment.
  • Over £45 billion is paid in road taxes today, compared with less than £400 million in 1952.
  • Additions to road usage requirements include the MOT test, Theory Test, Hazard Perception Test, Child Seat Requirements, Compulsory Seat Belt Requirements, Speed Limits, Traffic Cameras, Motorcycle Helmet Requirements, and more recently Drink Drive and Drug Drive Limits.

The figures are promising and the movement closer and closer to the aim of zero road deaths per year is something that we should all be looking toward.

A word from the Bill Plant National Driving School’s Operations Director, Paul Kittrick;

“There is no such thing as a man-made accident, only incidents and collisions. These are preventable. There are very very few real accidents that cause road deaths and these include freak accidents such as trees falling onto cars. The other 99.99% of road deaths are caused by incidents and collisions, each and every one of these road deaths is the result of circumstances that were wholly preventable.
The risks associated to driving outside of the guidelines given in the Highway Code are far larger than road users often realise, until of course it is themselves that are a part of the statistics – don’t put yourself or other road users at risk by driving dangerously. Be road aware, be Road Safety aware and help us eradicate road deaths altogether.”

Stay safe on the roads and keep in mind that by following the guidelines set out, nearly every road death can be avoided! Quite an astonishing statement but very true.
Have fun celebrating 60 years of the Queen holding the throne, and during the Jubilee weekend be sure to not drink & drive.


Bill Plant Give Away an Hyundai i30 – Again!

Bill Plant Give Away an Hyundai i30 – Again!

The Annual Giveaway
The Bill Plant Driving School asked a simple road safety question last year to the tune of ‘what is the speed limit in a street lit area?’
The answer quite clearly is 30mph, and all of the correct answers received through a simple form completion on the Bill Plant Driving School website entered people into the prize draw.

The competition was open for a full year, and was carried on following the success it had in the previous year 2010-2011 with a brand new Hyundai i30 being snapped up by a young girl in Milton Keynes in the May of 2011. The competition for 2011-2012 saw hundreds of thousands of answers submitted, and don’t worry about people speeding through your street-lit town or village as all entries received an email some weeks ago informing them of the correct answer just in case a huge misunderstanding had taken place and people were not correctly informed – but we don’t think anyone didn’t know the answer to this, especially with the amount of free theory information we publish on a frequent basis relating directly to how to drive on the UK roads.
The lucky winner this time around was chosen at random from the complete list of correct answers submitted just like the last time and the time before that.
Our congratulations go out to Winfred Purcell of Birmingham, who sadly couldn’t make the journey up to our head office in Ripon to collect her prize, so instead sent her loving daughter as pictured.

Hyundai i30 May 2012 Winner

The competition is now live again, and your answers have been submitted for the last month, with 11 more months of submissions to go before we draw the lucky correct answer in May 2013, but this time for a brand new Audi!

You can submit your answer by visiting our Driving School website and answering our new question: What does a solid amber traffic light mean?
We’re looking forward to receiving the rest of your answers and cannot wait to draw the next winner this time next year!

To all who have entered and to all those that will, we wish you all the very best of luck!
If you need some theory practice in the meantime, visit our Highway Code page for some helpful hints and tips.


April 2012: iPad Giveaway!

Looking Back at Road Safety

Bill Plant Driving School

iPad Giveaway – Facebook Competition

Today we took a little trip, not too far down the road we found ourselves in Selby North Yorkshire at Selby College!
We were there with a purpose, to hand over a brand new Apple iPad to the lucky winner as drawn from our Facebook likers at the end of April 2012.
That lucky winner was one of over six thousand followers of the Bill Plant Driving School’s Facebook page, and whilst receiving daily updates to their own Facebook accounts by being a follower of ours, including information on the Highway Code, Road Safety, Driving Lesson offers and deals, and different snippets of information to help learner drivers become familiar with being behind the wheel, the followers are entered into a prize draw drawn at random from the complete list to win an iPad.

“Great Scott!” Ok then, Tom Scott

Tom’s name has spread like wildfire around Selby College as he was the lucky liker picked from thousands to receive the prize at the end of April 2012, and was the reason we found ourselves headed towards Selby this afternoon, iPad in hand to give to Tom his prize.
Tom was happy to be the winner, and we think that it may have been a bit of a delayed reaction, but we don’t mind. We know that he was over the moon to have won a brand new iPad, afterall, who wouldn’t be?
We took some photos, and were even joined by a professional photographer from the Selby Times, who mentioned that the story should run in the Selby Times next week; keep your eyes peeled!

The Bill Plant Driving School run this competition every two months and this is the 4th iPad that we have simply given away to one lucky winner drawn from the followers of the Bill Plant Driving School Facebook page. The next competition is now live and kicking and those days are counting down until we give away yet another fantastic iPad to one winner chosen from the likers at the end of June 2012.

Bill Plant Driving School Give Away iPad's

Make sure that you are following our page for your chance to be our next iPad winner!