Zero Faults with Bill Plant Driving Instructors

Well we just get excited, the air has a buzz to it and the general atmosphere has life and tingles to it. Smiles appear across all faces and that flicker of pure happiness is clear in every persons eyes as they too hear the news of yet another triumphant achievement felt by so very few…

We are of course talking about that little bit of news that flies back to the Bill Plant Driving School head office every time a pupil who has been taking lessons with a Bill Plant Driving School driving instructor has managed to float seemingly effortlessly through their driving test, and has received that statement, “Congratulations, you have passed”, and what is more, with not even a single minor fault at all!

Congratulations to you!

Passing your driving test in the UK without a single minor fault is something to be awed at. Managing this feat of driving skill whilst all-the-while being scrutinised and judged at each and every turn is a serious achievement worthy of applaud from all.
The UK Driving Standards Agency sets these minor driving faults with a cap of 15 minor driving faults resulting in the failed driving test attempt. Minor driving faults can occur from various driving errors that do not constitute a dangerous or plausibly dangerous driving fault. Accidentally missing a gear or failure to check a mirror during a maneouvre may constitute a minor driving fault depending on the specific circumstances at the time. However failure to check over your shoulder and look toward your blind spot when changing lane for example, may result in an instant fail as this will no doubt be classed as a serious fault as it could potentially cause danger to yourself and/or other road users.
More dangerous mistakes during taking your driving test will be classed as a dangerous fault as they may involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public, or property.
These will always result in an instant test fail.

So, regardless of which driving school you have chosen to take your driving lessons with, managing to maneouvre your way through your test and making no dangerous faults is certainly something to applaud. Going a step further and making no serious faults either, that albeit do not pose an immediate threat of danger to yourself nor the other road users, is again something to applaud. Getting through this somewhat nerve racking scrutinising experience without accumulating any more than 15 minor driving faults that do not pose a threat of danger whatsoever, is a pass, and is to most people the single most important achievement of their early lives.
Getting through the entire UK driving test without making so much as a single mistake, well, this is altogether something else, and is definitely an achievement worth noting and making public!
Today our congratulations go out to this pupil having pulled off this magnificent feat in Hull, Yorkshire, following instruction from Mick Knowles, a Bill Plant Driving Instructor based in Brough, Yorkshire.

Mick Knowles Zero Faults

Another happy chappy after getting through the driving test without a single minor driver error, with Nigel Smart in Harpenden! Congrtulations!

Nigel Smart Zero Faults

This young gent has flown through his driving test just the other day in York, North Yorkshire with non other than Mark Deighton, and has done so without getting a single minor fault and also on his first ever test! Congrtulations to you!

Mark Deighton Zero Faults

We’re going to be putting fresh pictures here every time we get this great news of pupils passing their driving tests with the Bill Plant Driving School, having done so with no minor faults, why, well we just want to shout it out!


New Instructors Join the Bill Plant Driving School!

Another day and another Bill Plant Driving School car leaves the yard, with another fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor firmly and confidently at the wheel, taking the nationally known & trusted Bill Plant Driving School offers to their area within the United Kingdom.
We simply could not be more optimistic looking onward knowing that a whole new batch of learner drivers will be taking driving instruction from yet another of Bill Plant’s finest.
…there goes another, and there goes another.
With double figures joining the Bill Plant Driving School flanks each week, the likelihood of a Bill Plant driving instructor being close by is constantly increasing with each passing day, and this means that the chances of not being able to get your hands on our wheels, and sink your teeth into our national deals offered everywhere gets less and less with each passing day too.
As a company, the Bill Plant Driving School covers the vast majority of the UK and this leaves hardly any spots that are not covered by our flanks of driving instructors.
Our national deals are warranted to be those of the best value throughout the UK, and offering the highest level of driving instruction from the very highest level of qualified Approved Driving Instructors in the UK today, it really comes as no surprise that more and more driving instructors join us on a weekly basis.
The instructors joining us today have come from far and wide, from areas including but by no means limited to;

16th March 2012
Milton Keynes
Dulwich [London]
Benfleet [Essex]

New Bill Plant Driving Instructors

2nd March 2012
Milton Keynes
Thames Ditton Surrey

New Bill Plant Driving Instructors

24th February 2012

New Bill Plant Driving Instructors

3rd February 2012

27th January 2012

Waltham Abbey
West Drayton
Hemel Hempstead

20th January 2012

Ashton Under Lyne
High Wycombe

13th January 2012

High Wycombe

6th January 2012


Don’t worry if your area isn’t listed above, we cover the vast majority of the UK!
Check your postcode for driving lessons in your area on our website at or call our freephone callcentre on 0330 555 2254.
When you contact us we will give your number to your driving instructor, and they will contact you to arrange a time that best suits you.

Points to remember when driving

Whether you are taking the car out for the first time since passing your theoretical and practical driving test, or you have been driving for some time, there are some practical tips that will keep you and other road users safe.\r\n\r\nCheck your speedometer regularly, especially when coming off high speed roads, modern cars are so powerful and comfortable they give drivers little sensation of their speed, so many drivers find themselves exceeding the speed limit without realising it. Check the speed limits, too many drivers who have been caught speeding, complain that they thought the road had a higher speed limit. A good suggestion would be to use third gear when in a thirty mph limit.\r\n\r\nWhat has been known is that exceeding the speed limit makes little difference to your arrival time. The time it takes to complete a journey is determined much more by your average speed during the whole journey, rather than the maximum speed you achieve for part of it, better to be late “than dead on time”.