Bill Plant Driving School on TV!

Something fresh hits television screens in the UK in September – and, just for a change, it has nothing to do with chefs, home improvements or wannabe celebrities and pop stars.\r\n\r\nAs the UK’s third largest driving school, we’ve decided it’s time to make our mark, launching our 2011 TV advertising campaign, which aims to cement our place in the UK consciousness from September 5th.\r\n\r\nOf course, the Bill Plant brand is already well-established across the nation; every day, thousands of people will see our distinctive red-and-yellow logo emblazoned on our fleet of more than Hyundai i30 cars all over the country.\r\n\r\nHowever, thanks to the way we’ve marketed ourselves in the past, many believe Bill Plant is local to them – that we’re their very own “local national driving school”.\r\n\r\nNow, though, we think it’s time to underline our true position in the market – another no-nonsense, Yorkshire company offering good, old-fashioned value for money in return for a fair and honest service.\r\n\r\nEveryone excels or struggles with different things and we want to be sure we do all we can to ensure each one of our pupils feels their lessons match their ability. There‘s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning; it’s very much a personal thing.\r\n\r\nBut we’re not just here for new drivers; road safety is a key part of the Bill Plant ethos and we’re ready and able to help with more advanced driver training, with packages developed for corporate clients, for winter driving and economic motoring.\r\n\r\nYou’ll find more details elsewhere on our website – along with dozens of safe driving tips we hope you’ll find useful but, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the TV adverts – and feel free to let us know what you think! \r\n

The New Hyundai i30…WOW!

Here at the Bill Plant School of Motoring we have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Hyundai.\n\nWe have used their vehicles the last 3 years, giving our students the very best in terms of quality and safety when learning to drive in the UK, and allowing parents to remain at ease knowing that not only are their children catered for by extremely highly qualified and impeccably professional driving instructors, but also safe in the knowledge that the vehicle used to practice the driving skills is voted one of the safest vehicles on our UK roads today!\n\nThe Hyundai i30 1.6 diesel CRDi 90 Classic ISG 5dr is the car used by the majority of the Bill Plant driving instructors today with a few of our instructors using the ix35 to teach their students, both the instructors and ourselves have nothing but praise to offer to Hyundai, their vehicles are fantastic.\n\nThe Bill Plant School of Motoring franchise has over 600 instructors nationwide, offering their specialist training to students up and down the country, and at price deals deemed unbeatable by some.\nThe ”5 for £56” is one of our most popular deals, and has been in circulation since Bill Plant himself began his driving school in 1993.\nThe price was 5 lessons for £56 then, and this price has carried through right up until present day, as such the value only increases as each day passes!\nCurrently the Bill Plant School of Motoring offers a regional offer of ”5 for £25” too, this is for those students in the Blackburn area at present, and this offer will migrate from region to region as time goes on; could this be an offer that stays just like the ”5 for £56” offer?\n\nThese offers coupled with the quality of instruction and vehicles used in the Bill Plant School of Motoring franchise have allowed us to grow and expand, letting us offer our unbeatable services to students up and down the country.\n\nIt gets better…\n\nBill Plant Ltd will be using Hyundai for some time to come, and with the brand new Hyundai i30 looming just around the corner, things really can only get better.\nWhatCar have this to say about Hyundai”s new i30:\n\nThe New Hyundai i30\n\n”This is Hyundai”s next i30, previewed in a design rendering ahead of its public debut at the Frankfurt motor show.\n\nThe new Focus-sized hatchback replaces the model introduced in 2007 and brings some of the styling cues that were introduced recently on Hyundai”s i40 Tourer, including a hexagonal front grille and pronounced ”shoulders” over the front wheelarches.\n\nHyundai has yet to release technical details, but we”d expect further efficiency gains over the current model, including a lean diesel variant that takes CO2 emissions under 100g/km.\n\nA hybrid or full electric i30 is unlikely in the near future, though; Hyundai has been trialling those technologies in other countries, but has concerns about customer demand for them in the UK.\n\nThe new i30 is due on sale early next year and is the first in a range of revamped models for Hyundai over the next 18 months.\n\nThe styling of the line-up – which also includes a new Santa Fe and i20, plus the Veloster coupe – is designed to be more ”emotional”, according to Hyundai Europe”s president Chang Kyung Han. ”The new generation is a real leap,” he said. ”The model line-up is moving forward emotionally and technically.”“\n\nTo the Bill Plant School of Motoring this is great news, not only will our students be learning their driving skills in one of the most stylish looking vehicles on the roads, but they will be safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and as always, in the very best of hands.\n\nFor more information or to ask us absolutely anything driving related, please do not hesitate to contact us;\n\nFREEPHONE number: 0330 555 2254\nEmail:

Flooding: Take Extra Care When Driving!

Reports are coming in thick and fast regarding the absolutely awful weather we”re having here in parts of the UK, and the flooding that is resulting up and down the country is causing problems for all, let alone the drivers. So far there are 30 flood warnings and 14 flood alerts throughout the UK.\r\nBBC reports that some areas have had in the last 24 hour period more rain than they have ever had in a similar time period – since records began!\r\n\r\nCheck your tyres, check your oil, your wipers, your lights, and everything else you want to check before heading out and about in your vehicle.\r\n\r\nAt the Bill Plant School of Motoring, all of our courses cover driving in wet conditions, led by professional instruction from highly qualified instructors, you can be sure that a spot of wet weather will not leave you panicked and not knowing how to handle the conditions thrust upon you.\r\n\r\nIf you want to brush up on your driving skills with one of our instructors, or even start your lessons with our amazing 5 lessons for £56 deal, please visit the website at\r\nAlternatively, call us on our FREEPHONE number 0330 555 2254

Bill Plant School of Motoring: Safety Above All Else!

The Bill Plant School of Motoring has pledged its continued commitment to road safety, despite concern that financial pressures could lead to a rise in risks on the road.\r\n\r\nThere were 1,857 people killed in road accidents last year – 16 per cent fewer than in 2009 and the lowest since records began in 1992, according to provisional government figures released yesterday.\r\n\r\nSome analysts fear government spending cuts could reduce the number of accident reduction initiatives implemented by local authorities and other public bodies, and figures could rise.\r\n\r\nHowever, Bill Plant – the country’s third largest driving school – has vowed to maintain all current initiatives developed to train drivers to the highest possible standards, both before and after their test.\r\n\r\nThe company has already discontinued the enrolment of PDI’s (provisional driving instructors) and has confirmed that by winter 2011, all of its PDI’s will be expected to have passed exams to become fully-fledged approved driving instructors (ADIs), offering pupils the best possible training.\r\n\r\nIn addition, the company has also promised:\r\n\r\n• ADIs are offered continuing professional development (CPD) free of charge, to ensure the quality of instruction they offer remains of the highest possible standard.\r\n\r\n• Bill Plant – which trains a vast proportion of its own instructors and then offers each the opportunity to pass their knowledge down to learner drivers – will continue to equip ADIs with a handbook for each student, allowing them to keep a written reference of each one’s individual progress, ensuring they’re only put forward for tests when they’re ready.\r\n\r\n• The company’s fleet of Hyundai i30s – and, more recently, iX35s – are maintained to the highest level, covered by a manufacturers’ warranty, and are serviced every 20,000 miles.\r\n\r\n• Bill Plant will continue to offer training for all drivers in techniques used in poor weather such as snow, ice and fog. The sister-company, Corporate Driving Management Ltd works with the corporate sector, offering coaching to company vehicle drivers, enhancing road safety awareness and reducing company insurance premiums.\r\n\r\n• The company will continue to seek ways of working with council road safety teams to deliver road safety seminars to schools and youth groups, using the company’s own Billy Bee literature and merchandise.\r\n\r\n• The company remains committed to its road safety road show, touring towns and cities around the UK to promote the Bill Plant road safety initiatives. Upcoming venues for 2011 include Cornhill, Lincoln on the 9th August, Bolton on the 11th August, Great Yarmouth on the 13th August, and Kidderminster Market on the 18th August.\r\n\r\n“Obviously, we can’t maintain the good work alone – it has to be a partnership with other agencies,” said Bill Plant spokesman, ‘Robert Pallister’ “We hope that with our high-quality training, and by offering a helping hand to cash-strapped local authorities, we can do our bit to make the UK’s roads that bit safer”.\r\n\r\nMore information about driver training and road safety initiatives offered by the Bill Plant School of Motoring can be found online at or by calling our FREEPHONE number 0330 555 2254.\r\n

Bill Plant tackles high costs of driving!

Radio 1’s Newsbeat has had quite a lot to say about driving schools over the last couple of weeks.\n\n \n\nFirst, the programme ran a story about the push to have only approved driving instructors take students out on the roads; today, the headlines are about a 19% decline in young learners since 2005 – the result of the higher costs of learning to drive and then running a car.\n\n \n\nWe’re pleased we’re a little ahead of the game on both counts at the Bill Plant School of Motoring.\n\n \n\nFor example, the company has announced just last month that it will only be recruiting ADIs in future, asking the company’s existing probationary instructors to step up to the mark and complete their training as soon as possible.\n\n \n\nMeanwhile, lessons with a Bill Plant instructor remain among the most competitively priced in the UK – a policy which has helped us grow since 1993 to become the UK’s third largest driving school with a reputation for going that extra mile.\n\n \n\nWe think five lessons for £56 is pretty fair but we don’t just offer cost-effective training that will help you shed your L plates as soon as possible. Our website includes free hazard perception training, an online theory test, tips on learning the highway code and how to prepare for your test, enhancing your chances of cutting your costs by passing first time.\n\n \n\nHowever, we’re committed to road safety and the long game and we hope students who pass their test with us will be back for coaching in how to cope with bad weather such as ice, snow and fog. After all, the quicker you persuade your insurer you’re safe on the roads, the quicker your insurance premiums will fall.\n\n \n\nWe can also teach even experienced motorists how to drive economically; we can’t do much about the cost of petrol and diesel, but the less you use the better – both in economical and environmental terms.\n\n \n\nIf you can’t afford a new car, you could always try our online road safety competition. Answer one simple question and you’re in with a chance of following in the footsteps of 17-year-old waitress Gemma Bellfield from Milton Keynes, who won a brand new Hyundai i30 in our draw in June.\n\n \n\nIn summary, Newsbeat’s story on the decline in young drivers is no surprise in the current economic climate – but, before you give up and resign yourself to endless commutes on the bus and the train, give us a call. We’d love to help if we can.\n\n