Government Release Drug Driving Advert

The government has launched a new drug driving campaign, including an advert targeting young male drivers. The advert will be first screened on Monday the 17th of August on ITV warning that police will be able to spot drug drivers by their eyes having constricted or dilated pupils. Research suggests that 1 in 10 males drivers admit to driving while under the influence of drugs.

 Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has said “Whatever one”s views on drug taking it is imperative that drug-driving is made totally socially unacceptable”. The department of transport estimate that drivers under the influence of drugs cause 1 in 5 deaths on British roads. They also say that the most likely people to drive on drugs are males between the ages of 17 and 29.  

The penalty at the moment for anyone caught drug-driving is up six months in prison and up to a £5000 fine. 

The main problem at the moment is there isn’t a roadside device that can test whether or not a driver is on legal or illegal drugs, which makes it is difficult for police to make arrests. They can take suspects back to a police station to perform a drug test.

 The television advert focuses on illegal drugs, but other strands of the campaign in print and online will also address the issues surrounding legal prescription drugs.

 If you need anymore information on drug driving the Bill Plant Driving School can offer more information about the risks of drug driving drivers.