Ten Ways to Beat The Credit Crunch

During these tough financial times, everyone is looking to save money. Motorists are especially looking for new ways to save their wallet. Here are 1o tips to that could save you up to £500 a year:\r\n

  1. Make fuel last longerAvoid letting the engine warm up before driving – it’s a big waste of fuel. Drive gently for the first few minutes until the engine warms.Try and keep your fuel level at around halfway and clear clutter from inside your car – a heavy car will burn more fuel.
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  3. Cut Insurance Costs – Call as many car insurance companies as possible. Play companies off against each other when shopping around and quote prices from rival companies to drive costs down.
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  5. Pay Less for TaxBuy annually rather than every six months and save up to £40.And if you drive a car which runs on alternative fuel (anything other than petrol or diesel), you’ll save at least £20 per tax band.
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  7. Check Your Car - Check your car’s tyre pressure is correct – the recommended pressure can found in your vehicle handbook. This can increase fuel efficiency by up to ten per cent.Open the bonnet and ensure the oil and fluid levels are topped up. Consider replacing your battery if it has been run down, or fails to start the car quickly. Remember, if a battery continually runs down, it could be worth having the car”s alternator – which charges the battery – checked.
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  9. Go green – Use these driving techniques to stretch your fuel even further:• Stay in the left lane on motorways where possible – doing 56mph uses 25 per cent less fuel than 70mph\r\n• Avoid harsh braking and accelerating – keep speed changes gradual\r\n• Change gear at around 2,000rpm in a diesel car or around 2,500rpm in a petrol car to put less strain on your engine and use less fuel\r\n\r\n
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  11.  Wash your car – Cleaning your car yourself could add hundreds of pounds to your car”s value and saves money on a garage car wash.Buy an all-in-one cleaning kit with car shampoo, polish, a sponge and a leather chamois. Use a bucket of water to rinse – this uses less water and saves money if you’re on a water metre.\r\n\r\n
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  13. Get the most money for your car – Set your price correctly – too low and you could lose hundreds of pounds. You’re likely to get a better deal if you clean and repair your car before selling.Place an advert for three weeks online and three weeks in the magazine to save £14.67 and advertise to the most buyers.\r\n\r\n
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  15.  Get your next car for less – Haggling could cut hundreds of pounds off the price of a used car.Ask how much the seller realistically expects to get for the car – as soon as they give you a price, look them in the eye, make an offer and say no more. Move to shake their hand to seal the deal.\r\n\r\n
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  17. Find a cheap loan – Search around for the best-priced loan before buying a car – you could save thousands of pounds in interest.
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  19. Save money on car parts – Save money and be kind to the environment by buying used car parts online.This can be cheaper – and greener – than buying new parts. All used parts are checked to see if they’re in good working order before they’re sold.\r\n\r\n
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\r\nFor more tips on saving money, please visit our page on Economic Driving, to help you get the best from your car.