Skid Control advanced driver training

Following a period of dry weather that many have experienced recently, you can be sure that when it rains driver get caught out by the changed road conditions. Rubber from tyres and oil products adhere to the surface of the road, which when wet can be literally lethal, 95% of all accidents involve some degree of skidding.\r\n\r\nBill Plant has introduced a new Skid Control training package so whether you are a new driver having recently passed your test with Bill Plant driving school, or have driven for many years, the skid training scheme can only be of benefit to you when it comes to dealing with that unexpected incident which may be just around the next corner. We know that every day nine people die in road crashes in the UK, the roads account for the most deaths of young people between the ages of 15 to 24years of age; company drivers suffer an average of 150 deaths and serious injuries each week when driving on business.

Driving Instructor Franchise with Bill Plant

The Bill Plant School of Motoring offers a unique opportunity for both men and women to become driving instructors and to operate in an area close to where they live, in a high earning self employed capacity. By becoming a Bill Plant franchisee, you will be in a job where the benefit of all your hard work and commitment stops with you and of course your pupil! You have the benefit of a new and well maintained car; you secure a better work and life balance which will result in you being happier all round.\r\n\r\nNo qualifications are needed to enroll on the course, except of course the need for a full driving licence. At the Bill Plant Driving Instructor Training course you will be offered a full “pay as you go” scheme whilst training for the parts 1, 2 & 3 of the Driving Standards agency tests, necessary to become a fully Approved Driving Instructor. Bill Plant will tailor the courses around your present employment which means that you can continue to earn during this period without losing income. Make the first move and contact us for the first step toward the job satisfaction of teaching people a valuable skill for life.

Franchisee Case Study 5: Fully booked up with Bill Plant Franchise

When driving instructor Toseef Cheema moved to Luton he thought he’d be happier running his own private driving school.\r\n \r\nToseef, a former IT engineer, had built up a busy Bill Plant franchise in Leeds and hoped to continue successfully in business on his own when he moved 180 miles away to Bedfordshire.\r\n \r\n‘I wanted to work for myself.   Self employment worked best for me, providing I could earn enough money,’ says Toseef, a 30-year-old father of two.  ‘The trouble was after four or so months it just wasn’t working. I was worrying about finding more pupils instead of concentrating on helping pupils learn better.’\r\n \r\nDesperate, Toseef got in touch with Bill Plant, signed a franchise agreement and within a fortnight had a full diary and was turning away potential pupils.\r\n \r\n He says; ‘I didn’t know Luton at all.   But hundreds of people go on the internet and find Bill Plant’s site.  The lessons are good value and their enquiries filtered down to me.\r\n \r\n‘It’s the cheapest franchise on the market. Best of all I remain totally in control of what I do.   I fit the driving lessons around what else I want to do in my life.  It’s like working privately without all the hassle.  I don’t have any worries about where the work is coming from.’\r\n \r\n‘When I officially started with Bill Plant, I asked for a few more pupils. They gave me 15 students in two weeks.  I was fully booked up.  It was unbelievable. “

Protect that precious license

You will have worked hard when taking your driving lessons and the all important practical driving test awaits you. We strongly recommend that  when you pass the test a Pass Plus course be considered which will make you an even better driver as well as giving the benefit of lower insurance premiums, so don’t spoil it all by collecting penalty points by being caught exceeding the statutory speed limits.\r\n\r\nModern cars are so powerful and comfortable they give drivers little sensation of their speed, and many drivers find themselves exceeding the speed limit without realising it. None more so than when coming off a high speed road such as a motorway when dropping down to 40 or 30 mph can feel like going at snails pace. Remember to check your speedometer regularly and do not rely on a feeling of speed which can be very misleading. Speed limits are set as a maximum for safety reasons, they are not targets.

Not Your Parents Driving Test

As more and more people are taking to the roads, driving practices and principles have had to change to keep up with the times.  Over the last ten years alone everything from the speed limit, to the volume of traffic, to road signs, has had to change to keep up to date.  The classroom and driving instruction people take in order to get their driver’s license has even changed to incorporate the increased flow of traffic and what could be perceived as potentially hazardous driving conditions.\r\n\r\nAny citizen wanting to get their driver’s license should make sure the driving school they are interested in using follows an approved syllabus and tests what the student has learned.  This instruction should cover eighteen different areas of learning that are required and will show that learners can handle themselves in each area before being allowed to take the practical test.\r\n\r\nToday student drivers need to pass not only the written test and practical driving test, but they also have to pass what is known as a video-clip hazard perception test.  The student sits at a computer screen as if they were actually driving the automobile.  They are presented with fifteen hazards that they must identify, one per clip, with the exception of one clip which will have two hazards.  If the student passes all three of their tests, they will be rewarded with the issuance of a driver’s license and afforded the privileges of being able to drive an automobile without needing to be accompanied by another adult.

When your teenage son or daughter takes to the wheel

You can put it off no longer the time has come when the teenager in you”re family takes thier driving lessons, quite rightly so, they will need to be independent one day and not rely on you to ferry them around. But the way that they are being taught is to come under scrutiny this month as the Government is still rightly concerned about the number of young driver deaths on our roads. So what can you do as a parent when the time comes for them to take to the wheel? Professional bodies believe that there is no substitute for proper professional driving tuition.\r\n\r\nYou, as a hands on parent, can help by allowing them as much practice as you possibly can, but if you want to help your youngster learn to drive, you may need to go back for a refresher to driving school yourself as you have to realise that your driving style may be an effective one for you as an experienced driver, but not necessarily a direct fit with the syllabus that the ADI will be working to preparing your youngster for the test. Remember that your vehicle has to be suitable for practising in; your large automatic transmission car is entirely different from the friendly manual Vauxhall Corsa they will eventually take their practical driving test in.

How Fatigue Affects Your Driving

Fatigue can affect drivers at any time of the day and it does not have to occur simply at night.  If you are tired you cannot concentrate and your reaction time becomes slower.  Fatigue is blamed for at least twenty percent of all motorway accidents.  More accidents occur between two and six in the morning, and two and four in the afternoon when the body is naturally wanting to rest.  You can be assured that if you are driving and beginning to get tired, you have the potential of falling asleep at the wheel.\r\n\r\nIf you begin to feel tired on a drive, find a safe place to pull over and park your automobile.  If you can, take a fifteen minute rest.  This will give you enough energy to make it to your destination safely.  If you do not have the time to take a quick rest, stop someplace where you can purchase a couple of cans of an energy drink.  The energy drink will help shake off the fatigue and give you about ninety minutes of usable energy once it has been absorbed into your body.\r\n\r\nWhen you know you are going to be driving for an extended length of time, make sure you get enough sleep before leaving.  Try to avoid leaving in the evening after a full day of work, or in the morning when you have not had enough sleep.  Always make sure you stop at regular intervals for about ten minutes for every two hours of driving to ensure that you have a safe trip.

Franchisee Case Study 4: Become a driving instructor in five weeks

Like his racing greyhounds, Rob Tunmore took the fast track when he switched careers and trained to become a driving instructor with Bill Plant Ltd.\r\n \r\nFor  Rob, 51, passed all necessary training and exams to become a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor in a record five weeks.\r\n \r\nRob, was a  fed up transport manager working 70 hours a week when he signed up to Bill Plant’s ADI intensive training program.\r\n \r\nHe said: ‘I wanted a different career with freedom to work my own hours and be my own boss.  It can take 18 months to become a fully approved driving instructor. Many people try to fit training around their existing jobs but I wanted to get started and qualify as soon as possible.\r\n \r\nWhen he is not instructing learners, Rob, who has three grown up boys, enjoys watching his greyhounds race.\r\n \r\nHe says: ‘The Bill Plant intensive training package cost £2,900 and I cannot fault it in anyway. Thanks to Bill Plant I had all the necessary literature, instruction and support required to pass all stages of my test.\r\n \r\nRob is now running a successful Bill Plant driving school franchise in the Marlborough and Swindon areas in Wiltshire.\r\n \r\n‘He says: ‘Owning greyhounds and training to be a driving instructor both require a great deal of hard work to get results.  Becoming a driving instructor has been a very steep learning curve and I get a real buzz from the interaction with the pupils.

Managing Your Road Space

If you are a fleet driver for a company, you may have already taken an approved advanced motoring course.  If not, the course will teach you how to drive better through planning and the efficient use of the road to ensure safety as you travel.  The course builds upon your current driving skills and helps you prepare a driving plan to follow.  It will help you build confidence, improve your awareness of the road, and make driving more enjoyable as you improve both your performance and efficiency.\r\n\r\nBy managing your road space, you are setting clear lines for yourself regarding how far behind another person you are driving, whether you are following the speed limits, and if you can properly anticipate the need for a quick and sudden stop.  You will also be watching out for unexpected things other than a stopped car ahead of you, such as animals and children running into the road, or debris from a blown lorry tire or other vehicle.  If you need to swerve to avoid hitting these things, then you need to be able to better manage your road space.  Sometimes an accident can be avoided by simply swerving out of the way.  Also the use of the horn and headlights to make your presence known to avoid a collision is acceptable.

Advanced Driving Lessons

A new driver feels successful and confident upon getting their driver’s license.  They have passed many tests and have learned practical driving lessons.  This is just the first step.  Driving is a very large responsibility and one that must been taken seriously.  Taking unnecessary risks while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle could result in property damage, injury, and maybe even death.  By understanding what some of these mistakes can be, driving schools are able to offer many of their students advanced driving lessons once they have received their license.\r\n\r\nPart of the advanced driving lessons these driving schools offer include learning to “read” drivers.  Young drivers who have just got their licenses need to understand that peer pressure will cause them to make costly mistakes.  Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, being distracted by those around them or by other things such as cell phones and the radio, and simply being a show-off are all things that will make a young driver less responsible.  Advanced driving lessons will help young drivers understand that these are situations they can avoid while driving and will teach them how to overcome these obstacles.\r\n\r\nProfessional driving school instructors have the patience and expertise to help out these new drivers.  Most of their programs are structured and in a relaxed atmosphere that helps the student feel comfortable.  Parents are welcome in these classes as well and their contributions to their child’s driving skills are invaluable.

Learn to be a smooth operator

Driving a motor vehicle is not about just one technique, as your qualified driving instructor will have taught to you when you were taking your driving lessons. A good, safe drive is about a mixture of techniques, but high on the list must be the need to use the vehicle’s brakes in a smooth and progressive way.\r\n\r\nThe way we drive begins to change as we become more confident, often within a few months after taking the practical driving test, not if you practice advanced driving techniques. Good drivers develop observation and anticipation, braking or slowing earlier as the need arises.\r\n\r\nMany drivers leave their braking late, possibly causing that “cascade” of lights so often seen, a good driver will have left enough gap to allow gentle braking, letting the speed of the vehicle fall away without the need to brake hard. It is better by far to learn to read the road ahead, you can do this by taking the free Hazard Perception Test on Bill Plants website. Not only do you get early warning of developing hazards, you can respond by adjusting your speed using only your throttle, this technique will also help save fuel.

Helping the Learner Driver in your Family

Learning how to drive can be both exciting and harrowing. Most students take driving lessons from an accredited driving school, like the Bill Plant School of Motoring. It helps if learner-drivers can have some extra practice between lessons with their instructor. In order for them to be able to legally get behind the wheel with only their provisional license, learner-drivers must be accompanied by an adult who has a license.\r\n\r\nAnyone wishing to accompany their learner-driver on the road must be 21 years of age or older. They must also have had their own full driving license for at least three years, and special ‘L’ plates on the front and back of the car.\r\n\r\nAccording to the Driving Standards Agency, it takes the average learner driver forty-five hours of driving lessons and twenty-two hours of private practice before they are ready to take their driving test. If you are willing to help your learner-driver, no matter what you do you must always remain calm and patient. Remember, you were a student once too.

Franchisee Case study 3: Low cost of Bill Plant franchise

Driving instructor Val Smithson was running her own driving school and had no intention of signing up to be a franchisee -  until her car needed replacing.\r\n\r\n‘I was checking prices of new vehicles on the internet and saw the Bill Plant website,’ says Val. ‘The more I weighed up options it was cheaper and easier to go with Bill Plant. They supplied the car, insurance, everything and promised to help find me some pupils\r\n\r\nVal, aged 40,was moving from Kent to Fareham, Hampshire.  She says: ‘ I was starting out in a new area; I didn’t know anybody and I genuinely had nothing to lose.\r\n\r\n‘Within two weeks of contacting Bill Plant I had a full diary and couldn’t take any more bookings. One senior examiner told me to get established in an area like this is very difficult but I’ve had no problem whatsoever.’\r\n\r\nVal has had an assortment of jobs from bus driver, hotel receptionist and estate agent before settling for a career as a driving instructor.\r\n\r\nVal who is qualified to drive HGV’s, buses and motorcycles, is one of Bill Plant Fleetcraft’s experienced trainers.\r\n\r\nShe says: “I love driving, I like being out on the road but if someone said one day I’d be a driving instructor I’d have laughed.\r\n\r\n‘Best of all I like getting to know my pupils, In fact I’m still in touch with some. Sometimes it’s a bit like being an agony aunt and counselor as well as a driving instructor.

Tougher driving test on the way?

New proposals flagged by the Government recently, are suggesting that passing a Driving Test in the future is to become much more difficult. Basically the proposals include; that learner drivers will have to complete four separate stages, including two practical tests, to gain that all important licence. In the biggest shake up of the Driving Test, it is being proposed to split the on-road exam into two which will represent the biggest overhaul of the driving test in more than 50 years.\r\n\r\nCandidates will be expected to present a “readiness certificate” before taking the test itself, making a total of four stages with a tougher theory test and two practical exams. According to road safety experts, around 300 drivers and passengers are killed annually by motorists who have passed their test within the previous two years. For this reason alone, we at Bill Plant always encourage newly qualified drivers to continue with their driving education, starting with our Pass Plus course which will make for a safer driver as well as reducing insurance premiums.

Franchisee Case Study 2: Instructor Training for over 50′s

When former bank manager Ian Sherwood took early retirement, he had no fixed ideas as to future work but felt he had a wealth of valuable experience in both business and dealing with people to offer prospective employers.\r\n\r\nHowever, applications were rejected and Ian discovered being over 50 was a serious handicap to finding a worthwhile job.\r\n\r\nIan, who worked at Barclays Bank for 32 years, says “I”d heard about ageism but this was the first time I”d ever experienced it for myself.”\r\n\r\n”I applied for a few jobs. I know I was over qualified for them but I was rejected without an interview and it had to be down to my age. At 53, I felt I was on the scrap heap.\r\n \r\n‘At the bank, I admired people going into business on their own, taking risks and relying on their skills and determination to be successful. I”ve always enjoyed driving and meeting people so I thought I”d train to become a driving instructor.\r\n\r\n‘That way I could become my own boss and put all my experience helping people to good use instead of being made to feel useless at over 50.”\r\nAfter qualifying, Ian signed up to a Bill Plant franchise nearly 4 years ago. Within a week he was swamped with a full diary of pupils and has never looked back since.\r\n\r\nIan, now 59, who lives in Dalton-on-Tees, near Darlington says: “I really enjoy my work and get a buzz every time a pupil passes their driving test – it”s terrific. I”m now also training other people to become driving instructors. Also, if I decide to semi-retire at some time in the future, then all I need to do is cut back on my hours and fit the work around my life.”

That precious fuel

We all have to be concerned regarding the current high cost of fuel, whether that is standard petrol or diesel, even though in many cases this precious commodity is paid for by a company. So what can we do to improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles?\r\n\r\nSome simple tips to use less fuel are; firstly drive the way that you did when you were under the care and control of one of the qualified driving instructors. Lift your foot off the accelerator earlier on your approach to traffic lights etc thereby reducing your braking. Be sensible about accelerating; vary your foot pressure on the accelerator pedal so you don’t have to brake as often or as hard. Surprisingly to many, one of the pillars of fuel efficient driving is accelerating briskly to a safe cruising speed and then taking the highest gear quickly. Most drivers tend to go straight from accelerator to brake, which is when fuel consumption suffers. Plan your arrival at roundabouts so that you decelerate for a longer period in a higher gear. Save that fuel and save yourself money, become an advanced driver.

When did you last read the Highway Code?

You may have successfully completed your driver training, just started off and enrolled at one of the Bill Plant Driving Schools, or like many of us have been driving for years. Maybe it is the latter category that could do with some refreshment on the pages of The Highway Code. Bill Plant has always been to the forefront in keeping up with the very latest in cars and constantly ensuring that the Qualified Driving Instructors are aware of new legislation, and checked to ensure their performance is kept up to hi high standard. \r\n\r\nSo it is no surprise that this highly rated School of Motoring has made available online the full pages of the Highway Code that can be easily accessed through their online pages. The revision of these can help when taking the Driving Test, or help mature drivers keep up to date with changes that may have taken place over the years since they took the practical test. The online Highway Code is free to access, why not look at it today, you may be surprised how it has changed!

Franchisee Case Study 1: The Young Mum

Mother-of-two Rachel Darby believes becoming a driving instructor is an ideal job for busy women juggling childcare arrangements.\r\n \r\nShe says; ‘It’s a perfect job for mums like me.  Yet it’s not a career most women with kids would think about entering.   What else could I do to be in control of when I work as well as earning a good salary?’\r\n \r\nRachel, 29, lives with her two children Oliver, three, and one year old Owen at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. While her husband Dave, a sergeant in 5 Regiment Royal Artillery, was away on a seven month tour of duty in Afghanistan, Rachel qualified as an approved driving instructor.\r\n \r\nShe signed up with Bill Plant due to the low weekly franchise fee, compared to other schools, and the company’s ongoing support package.\r\n \r\nRachel says: “At any point my husband could be posted elsewhere in the UK. Thankfully doing this means all my efforts to build up a business as a good instructor won’t feel wasted. This is one job I’ll be able to carry on doing because my skills are totally portable and Bill Plant will help me fill my diary with new pupils in another part of the country.’\r\n \r\nRachel switched to become a driving instructor after working as a graduate trainee restaurant manager in the catering industry.  She says: ‘The shift work didn’t suit me even when I had no children. Being an Army wife when Dave is away is like being a single mum. I need set working hours which I control to fit round childcare and the kids. \r\n \r\n‘I’ve always liked meeting people and passing on new skills. The feeling I get when one of my pupils passes their driving test is fantastic.