Fleetcraft: Free Corporate Fleet Driver Training

If you are already thinking of becoming a driving instructor there is no better time than now to put this into practice. Bill Plant is offering a free fleet driver training course worth over £1000.  Just think of the advantages of becoming a fleet driver training instructor. Currently, less than 5% of driving instructors in the UK have this qualification. You can be confident with Bill Plant that the driver training received will be of the highest quality. In order to qualify for the free fleet driver training course you should have already completed parts 1,2 and 3 of the advanced driving instructor training with the Bill Plant Driving School and be with the Bill Plant Driving Instructor Franchise programme.

Driving Lessons Rupert Grint Julie Walters

On a lighter note from Bill Plant is the question have you seen the film Driving Lessons yet ?  It features Rupert Grint as Ben Marshall and Julie Walters as Evie Walton.  Driving lessons was released in 2006 and has also been on the BBC. Here at Bill Plant we do not wish to give the Driving Lessons plot away, but can comment that it is a very uplifting film with a comical outlook, yet dramatic approach.\r\n\r\nThe plot of Driving Lessons is basically a coming of age story featuring a shy teenage boy who is hoping to avoid the control of is over domineering mother. He then starts to work for a retired actress played by Judi Walters. With 3 awards and 2 nominations we are sure that Driving Lessons is a film you will want to watch.

Text Driving Prison Sentence

A valuable reminder comes in the UK News today when a motorist was given a custodial sentence for killing a cyclist whilst driving and usiing a mobile phone to text. The four year prison sentence was given to a 25 yold woman in the UK after a girl suffered a fatal head injury.\r\n\r\nThe woman was also driving at 45mph in a 30 mph zone.  The advice from Bill Plant is to simply not use a mobile phone if you are in the car at all. Remember that driving safety should always be remembered when using your motor vehicle.

Correct Driving Position

Sitting correctly before you set off is one of first things that you will be taught by our driving instructors when you commence on your course of driving lessons. We recognise this as you will be sharing your driving school car with others; using somebody else’s settings for the mirrors and seats can quickly leave you tired and at needless risk of a nagging muscular pain, because you will be straining to see properly.\r\n\r\nAlways sit in the car with the base of you spine in the back of the seat to prevent back problems. Position your hands on the steering wheel at ten to two or quarter to three and keep your thumbs vertical, your arms should be slightly bent, as should your legs when on the pedals.\r\n\r\nRemember being too laid back can also cause problems, you might just doze off on a long journey, many accidents and near misses are caused by drivers giving in to the effects of fatigue. Good seat positioning may sound boring, but it takes literally seconds, and will keep you comfortable and more alert on longer, just the way that racing and rally car drivers do.

Fleetcraft Driver Training: Towing a Trailer Driving Lessons

B and E trailer training is another part of the driver training available from Bill Plant Fleetcraft. As an employer you will need to check out your drivers to make certain that they are legally qualified in order for them to legally tow a trailer if the combined weight is more that 750 kg. Fleetcraft offer B and E training courses to make certain people are fully qualified.  Contact  Fleetcraft directly for more information.

Driving Test Price Increase

Be prepared for the cost of your driving test to go up in April. All parts of the driving test will be affected. So the theory test will rise by £1.50 and then be £30.00 and practical driving test will go up to £56.50 an increase of £8.00.\r\n\r\nThose looking to pass their motorcycle test will be the most affected, this will rise from £60.00 to £80.00 in September this year.\r\n\r\nThe DSA have confirmed the price rises and said that they as a driving standards agency have costs that they need to cover when they provide driving and motorcycle tests to learner drivers in the UK.

Corporate Manslaughter

Corporate Manslaughter training  is really about saving lives. Statistics show that more people are killed at work than are killed in the wars. Remember, you as an Employer are responsible when your staff drive a company vehicle. Fleet manager”s need to pay special attention to the Corporate Manslaughter Act. This is where Corporate Manslaughter Training comes in and is offered by Bill Plant Fleetcraft.\r\n\r\nThe  Corporate Manslaughter Act is not the easiest UK law to follow, this is why Fleetcraft offer specific training on the subject.  Organisation”s can be found guilty and effectively charged with Corporate Manslaughter if they do not protect themselves and train their employee”s appropriately.

Driving Lessons: Patience

It’s always the other guy’s fault, or is it? There is no such thing as the perfect driver, be absolutely honest haven’t you, at some stage when you were driving made an error which someone else then made safe? We all have, there is no driver out there that can say hand on heart that they have never made a mistake.\r\n\r\nBeing prepared mentally for what may happen next when you are on the road, rather than relying on reactions to sort out a problem when it has already arisen, is a key factor in safe driving and riding. Drivers who were prepared to see themselves as part of the potential hazard were less likely to be involved in a crash or a near miss than the drivers who just “blamed” other road users around them. Using the Hazard Perception Test section on our site will prepare you for most hazards encountered. So make a point of helping out the other road users who might do the same for you. Remember a bit of give and take goes a long way.

Hazard Perception

The debate is opening up about the Hazard Perception element of the driving theory test in some quarters, with correspondence appearing in some national newspapers that this is just too difficult. One person, writing in the Daily Telegraph, complained that his daughter had passed the multi choice part without the slightest difficulty on numerous occasions only to fail the hazard perception part, complaining that the “scoring window” is very brief and she was tempted to click at every opportunity.\r\n\r\nWe cannot comment on this particular case, but no doubt many will draw their own conclusions. What we are able to say is that with your driving instructors at Bill Plant offering their guidance and using the online Hazard Perception Section in our web pages, our success rate does not mirror that of this unfortunate girl.

Bill Plant Driving School Skid Pan Experience

Winter and wet road surfaces have not passed us by, so the question of losing traction or that dreadful feeling of nothing happening when you turn the steering wheel is still with us.\r\n\r\nABS braking systems are a tremendous help but they are not infallible so do not think that you can rely on this if your car is fitted with this device. Skidding is a terrifying experience and many believe that skid control should be part of the driving test. Knowing the theory is fine, but putting it into practice in that split second of time when it matters is more difficult. We suggest that it is a wise thing to take part in the skid pan experience offered by the Bill Plant Driving School utilising the free voucher given to all our students

Safe use of Satellite Navigation

Satellite navigation in motor vehicles is becoming more common place, particularly as the purchase price falls almost daily and more cars are fitted with these as standard. But incorrect use can be a cause of danger to the sat nav driver and to other road users as well.\r\n\r\nFirstly, always have maps as a fall back, the satellite navigation equipment in not infallible so you should have some idea of your route before you set out, be sensible, it is a tool to help, not a substitute for common sense, also use the voice instruction do not try to read the screen like a map.\r\n\r\nInsurers are offering sensible advice as well; these items are a must for thieves. You should remove the unit before leaving the vehicle; your insurance cover may be invalid if reasonable precautions have not been taken to reduce the risk of theft that also means that you should remove the holder from the screen or dash. Sensibly never programme your “home” details, if you do lose your sat nav thieves can use the information to target you.\r\n\r\nRemember learning to drive does not stop as soon as you pass your driving test. You need to keep saftey in mind for the rest of your driving days.

Road Safety: Elderly Drivers

Motoring and road safety groups have called on the government to introduce medical check-ups and assessments of vision and dementia for motorists aged over 70 years. Drivers of pensionable age are the fastest growing group but they are becoming controversial in some quarters, but just how dangerous are they. Last year drivers over 70 years of Age who were involved in accidents amounted to 11,000, against 54,337 for drivers under the age of 24 years, so are older drivers being targeted unfairly?\r\n\r\nDriving is more complex and demanding than it used to be with more traffic on the roads and new technology such as in-car navigation systems.  Factors dictating road risk can be said to be; hazard perception, speed choice, driving violation and fatigue, so irrespective of age we should all allow plenty of time to complete our journey and planning our route in advance. We should all expect the unexpected, be alert and anticipate situations that may present themselves ahead.

Free Corporate Driver Training Course for Instructors

There is even more reason to sign up with Bill Plant and become a driving instructor as we”re now offering a free corporate / fleet driver training course worth over £1000.\r\n

To qualify for the free fleet trainer’s course, you need to have successfully completed parts 1, 2 & 3 of the ADI training and also to have taken on the Bill Plant driving instructor franchise.

\r\nAs a fleet instructor, you will be involved with going into companies and representing Bill Plant Corporate Driver Management. This means you will be taking company vehicle drivers, ranging from the MD of multi site companies to the person driving the delivery vehicles or staff transport. The job is to ensure that they are able to drive as safely as possible and that they have fulfilled the legal training requirements. This may also involve SAFED training, which is for safe and fuel efficient driving, meaning that companies can save substantial amounts on their annual fuel bills and drastically reduce accident rates.\r\n\r\nThe beauty of being a fleet trainer, is that currently less than 5% of the instructors in the UK have this qualification, and whilst it dovetails nicely with instructing learners, it allows you teach on a different level and have additional qualifications.

Driving Lessons: Car Headlights Dazzle

How many times do we see cars coming towards us with one of the headlights misaligned, usually the offside one, creating dangerous dazzle. Recent roadside checks have shown that a massive 88% of the fifty cars checked had one or more of its headlights out of alignment. Sometimes this can be as simple as extra passengers in the back of the car or some heavy items that have been put into the boot, this problem can be easily rectified in most modern cars by the in car height adjustment, but how many driver no that this exists, or can be bothered to do it?\r\n\r\nAnother problem is the motor vehicle that has one of the headlights which has failed, a situation that is illegal and can carry penalties if not rectified. All drivers should check that all their lights are working before driving at night and ensure that the aim of them is correct, adjustments can be carried out at most garages for a small fee, you car will fail its MOT inspection if the lights are not working properly.\r\n\r\nYou can hopefully now see the importance of the hazard preception test when you take your driving test.

Driving Lessons: Car Economy

Former head of oil giant Shell, writing on the BBC’s online news page has controversially suggested that we should be prevented from buying cars that will not achieve 35 MPG. Sir Mark Moody-Stuart believes that to address the climate challenge we need to reduce the carbon content of our energy by at least half and this somewhat draconian measure is one way of going about this.\r\n\r\nWhen you learn to drive at the Bill Plant School of Motoring, it will be in one of our Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CTDI dual drive cars. There would not be a problem with us meeting the suggestion posted by Sir Mark, as our cars return a combined fuel consumption of 61.4 MPG, with carbon emissions of just 124 grammes per Kilometre, according to a road test by the Exeter based “Express & Echo” newspaper. So how do you compare, and do you agree with this controversial suggestion?