Eco Driving – Tyres

Eco Driving.

In this day and age any way of saving money is always sought after and valued. Often, small changes can combine to make a large difference over time. Imagine how much could be saved if you are able to make small savings over many items. Your fleet of vehicles can offer you a range of money saving options.

Tyres are an often overlooked item. A good driver can double the mileage they get from their tyres. They are also a vital safety element of the vehicle and you should always ensure the correct tyres are fitted. Here are some money saving tips when it comes to tyres.

  • Check your tyre pressures regularly (monthly) including your spare. Over or under inflation can reduce the life of your tyres, whilst correct pressures can increase fuel efficiency and save you money.
  • Balancing tyres when one is changed will reduce rapid and uneven tread wear.
  • Harsh acceleration and braking or late braking puts more pressure on your tyres. Smooth acceleration and planned braking will help prolong the use of your tyres and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Overloading the vehicle can have an impact on tyre wear and tyre pressures. Dry steering and high cornering speeds put undue strain on your tyres which can cause too much friction and premature wear.
  • Driving or parking up kerbs can seriously damage your tyres, causing undue wear and putting undue strain on them.

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