Bill Plant Driving School Adopt the Audi A3

The news is here, and it is official!
The UK’s favourite national driving school has made up its mind, and has chosen none other than the Audi A3, SE TDi 1.6 Diesel as their new vehicle!
Your local Bill Plant Driving Instructor will soon be driving this new vehicle in favour of the Hyundai i30 that has served your local friendly Bill Plant Driving Instructor well over the years.
The new Audi A3 is rated as one of the safest cars on the road today. With Audi’s qualitative build mechanics and the drivers comfort and enjoyment at the focus of the driving experience, you can be sure that driving the new Audi A3 will be a pure pleasure!
Audi A3 - Bill Plant's car of choice!
Over the next 12 months, each and every Hyundai i30 on the road and in the hands of our driving instructors will be replaced with a brand new Audi A3.
This phasing changeover is due to commence in May of 2012 so keep your eyes peeled for the Audi A3 bursting onto the scene near you!
Book your driving lessons online through the Bill Plant website at, or call us free of charge [mobile friendly too!] on 0330 555 2254.

Bill Plant Driving School cars

No matter what car you may wish to drive, or what car you may own or have access to, at the Bill Plant School of Motoring, we are interested in only one thing, and that is for your qualified driving instructor to patiently guide you through your driving lessons until you are ready to take and to pass the practical driving test.\r\n\r\nWhen learning the necessary skills to achieve your objective we want you to feel safe and confident in a car that is small, has good visibility and is responsive. Our years of experience has taught us that if you have confidence and are familiar with your car, you will be a better safer driver and will not only gain in confidence when you get behind the wheel, but will respond to the driving lessons more quickly and your road safety will become more proficient.\r\n\r\nCurrently we have equipped our driving school with a fleet of brand new Vauxhall Corsa cars which means that you will be familiar with the car you had your first lesson in, right up to the time when you are about to take your driving test. The Vauxhall Corsa is nimble and efficient and has light precise controls, vitally important when negotiating the clutch and accelerator functions for the first time.\r\n\r\nOne piece of advice that you should take home with you after you have torn up you “L” plates and you are rushing out to buy that powerful sports car, is to register with Bill Plant for a pass plus course, not only will you be a safer driver, you could save money on your car insurance.