Celebrity Drink Driving Offence – 24 Star Kiefer Sutherland

An American TV show star (Kiefer Sutherland) who has gained popularity in the UK for the series 24 was pulled over earlier this week after he made an illegal U- turn in the road the LA Police said. He has been freed on bail.\r\n\r\nThe actor had been arrested on Tuesday this week for suspicion of drink driving. He is still on probabtion for drink driving offences in 2004.\r\n\r\nAs an actor and a role model to younger people he is setting a bad example and has it seems not yet learned his lesson. What do you think?

UK Driving Age May Rise and Drink Drivers Targeted

The government are set to increase the the minimum driving age in the UK. Currently the minimum legal age to drive in the UK is 17. The proposal from them is a 12 month probation period for new drivers, so basically a 17 year old would not be able to hold a full driving licence until they are 18. There are no plans at present to introduce an upper driving limit.\r\n\r\nA zero alcohol limit is also set to come into force for newly-qualified drivers for a 12 month period any new driver found with alcohol in their blood will be forced to retake their driving test. Motorway driving is also on the agenda and could well be restricted to more experienced drivers.\r\n\r\nThe Driving Standards Agency will present a consultation document containing all new plans this October.\r\n\r\nHere at the Bill Plant Driving School we know that driving is not just a fun activity but that it must be done in responsible way.