New Highway Code Rule for Smoking Drivers

Fleet driver trainingA new ruling in the Highway Code (Latest Edition) means that drivers who smoke could be prosecuted.\r\nThe smoking driver could be charged with not taking due care and attention.\r\nDrivers should not be distracted with other activities says the Minister of Road Safety Jim Fitzpatrick. The Minister is hoping this will also deter drivers from other distractions whilst behind the wheel such as use of a mobile phone or map reading.\r\n

The new edition of the Highway code contains new safety code aimed at new drivers is 42 pages longer and has 29 more rulings.

\r\nSmoking is of course a big issue in the UK at the moment and of course company vehicles are classed as work areas.\r\nThe new smoking in a car ruling will give the police options to question your ability to drive the vehicle in a proper manner.

New Highway Code 17th September 2007

We like to keep you updated here at Bill Plant.\r\n\r\nPlease do not forget that the official new highway code is out on the 17th September 2007. The Highway Code features the latest guidance on correct road usage and is prepared by the Road Safety Directorate and Driving Standards Agency.\r\n\r\nThe book keeps you current  which is essential for safe driving and conforming to the many legal requirements on today”s roads. Even if you are an experienced driver it helps to be aware of the new rules.\r\n\r\nYou can pre-order copies online or at local book stores.