Ripon-based driving school Bill Plant appoints York’s Garbutt & Elliott

Ripon-based driving school Bill Plant appoints York’s Garbutt & Elliott

Bill Plant School of Motoring, one of the UK’s largest driving school franchises, has appointed Yorkshire accountants and business advisers, Garbutt & Elliott, to help support its drive for growth.

Bill Plant School of Motoring, based in Ripon, operates a driving school franchise and has more than 700 driving instruction franchisees across the UK.

Jeremy Oliver, partner with Garbutt & Elliott, which has offices in York and Leeds, commented: “This is a prestigious and exciting appointment for us. Bill Plant School of Motoring has undergone significant expansion across the UK during the past five years and has ambitious plans for future growth.

“The company now needs strong financial management and professional advice to facilitate its growth plans, particularly around the area of corporate finance, to enable it to access the funds it needs to continue to expand.

“We were delighted to be appointed to act as their accountants and business advisors. We will be providing a full range of services including preparation of management accounts, information reports and year-end accounts as well as forward projections, taxation services and corporate finance advice.”

Bill Plant, managing director and Founder of Bill Plant School of Motoring, commented: “We recognised that we needed professional support and advice in order to achieve our growth plans. We wanted to work with a team that had experience of helping organisations to grow and expand.

“It was also important that they could demonstrate a high degree of professional integrity and a real commitment to customer service. That’s exactly what we found in Garbutt & Elliott.

“We’re delighted to be working with such a highly-regarded accountancy firm as Garbutt & Elliott and with their help are looking forward realising further success in the future.”

“We are continuing our drive for growth across the UK by offering new franchisees the chance the drive away a new Audi A3 as well as waiving an initial franchise fee.”

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How to save money when driving.

How to save Money driving.

Having recently watched an episode of the BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ it got me thinking about fuel efficiency. In the episode they had to travel from point A to point B, the catch being that they had to run out of fuel before arriving at their destination. Their destination was Chernobyl. So obviously it was in their best interest to make their cars very fuel inefficient. This was achieved in some very humorous ways, from Richard Hammond’s rapid acceleration and harsh braking to Jeremy Clarkson’s attempts to increase drag resistance by driving with his car door open.
Although the presenters went to driving extremes to lower their miles to the gallon, it did shine a light on the behavior of some drivers. I’m pretty sure everyone has accelerated a bit too fast at some point in their driving history, left the roof rack on when it wasn’t needed or didn’t keep their tyres at optimal pressures, and for some they have no concept of fuel efficient driving whatsoever.
So I have pulled together a few tips to help you out. Not only could you save money but you could be helping the environment as well!

Tyre pressures:

It is advisable to check your tyre pressures often; I would suggest every 2 weeks. Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption. This is because they have more contact with the road, therefore increasing friction and the amount of energy required by the engine. They can also be dangerous.

Checking your tyre tread depth at this time is advisable as well.

Air Filter:

Getting your air filter checked regularly is important. In order for the engine to burn the fuel efficiently it needs to be able to adequately breathe. If not burnt properly it will just exit through the exhaust, thus wasting fuel.

Engine Oil:

It is important to keep the engine lubricated for optimal performance. This means using the correct grade oil for your vehicle. Your car manufacturer’s handbook will inform you which the best to use is.

Driving smoothly and reading the road ahead:

There have been many occasions when I have been the passenger in a car and I’ve heard the driver complaining about how much fuel costs (yes maybe they want some money off me for some petrol!). Arguably harsh accelerating and heavy braking are the biggest wasters of fuel. Just by reading the road ahead you can save your fuel. If you can see a red light in front of you start to slow down, don’t maintain your speed and slam your brakes on when you arrive at the lights. Many times it will have turned to green before you get there so there is no need to brake to a stop.

Revving the engine:

You know the typical scene; loads of youngsters in a car park revving the car engine. In my opinion they look stupid and apart from that, they’re wasting fuel. There’s no need to rev the engine whilst the car is stationary, so cut it out and save fuel – as well as your dignity!

Air Con:

Unfortunately the Air Conditioning helps to save your fuel – if turned off! This tip is ultimately only really going to help in milder weather when you don’t feel the need to have it turned on but, let’s face it, we live in Britain; it’s mild most of the time.


So, open a window? Unfortunately, like the above point, trying to keep cool in your vehicle by opening windows increases the drag, especially so at high speeds and therefore lowers fuel efficiency. I’m not saying you should suffer in your car but if you don’t need the windows open, try to keep them shut.
In higher speed situations the air con is a better option than an open window – we may have a rare hot day.
Likewise having an un-used roof rack will increase drag.


Next time you’re stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, try to look on the bright side. You’re probably saving fuel. Driving at 75mph will increase fuel usage by around 10% over driving at 60mph. My advice would be, if possible, to set off earlier and drive a little slower.

Leave your car at home:

This sounds like a no brainer but I have observed many instances where a friend of mine has driven to the local shop. The shop literally being 300 metres away. If you can reach it on foot, walk!

Excess weight:

I am definitely not going to advocate leaving one of your kids at home if you’re going on a family trip, but if you remove unneeded weight from your vehicle you can save a lot of fuel. Do you really need all of the extra junk in the boot?

Plan your journey:

Not only can you pick a quicker and more optimum route, you can also avoid getting lost and wasting fuel by driving around aimlessly. Planning journeys during quieter times will also reducing the amount of time sitting in stationary traffic.

So, try some of these out and let us know how you get on. Hopefully you can save yourself some money and help the environment. If you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comments and please remember when doing any of these tips to drive safely.

Below is a graph of fuel prices for the first week of January, for the last 10 years. Information obtained from the Department of Energy & Climate Change

Date Petrol Per Litre Diesel Per Litre Duty Per Litre Vat %
05/01/2004 75.88 77.54 47.10 17.50
03/01/2005 81.17 85.12 47.10 17.50
02/01/2006 88.03 92.27 47.10 17.50
01/01/2007 87.85 93.40 48.35 17.50
07/01/2008 103.37 108.29 50.35 17.50
05/01/2009 85.42 97.57 52.35 15.00
04/01/2010 109.34 111.08 56.19 17.50
03/01/2011 124.85 129.11 58.95 17.50
02/01/2012 132.40 140.84 57.95 20.00
07/01/2013 131.86 139.75 57.95 20.00
06/01/2014 130.26 138.11 57.95 20.00

Increasing the Licence Renewal to 80

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Increasing the Licence Renewal to 80

In the news this week it has been reported that the government maybe planning on increasing the licence renewing age from 70 to 80. By the looks of it, this is due mainly to cost cutting more than anything else. The DVLA seems to be under pressure to reduce it’s cost by £420 million and with 4 million drivers (as reported by the wanting to keep their licence who are over the age of 70, this looks to be one of their cost cutting measures.
One of the main factors that pops up time after time when I have been researching this topic, is not so much an older drivers ability but their decreasing health and reaction times. Many elderly people develop health conditions, which greatly impact on their driving ability. These include vision and hearing changes, joint pains and side effects of medications. So I hear you say, well – they need to inform the DVLA of any health changes affecting their driving. Whilst yes, this is true, what happens if someone develops alzheimers and genuinely doesn’t realize that they have an issue? Not everyone has a loved one around to notice a change. This would not only endanger themselves, but it could potentially harm other road users.

This reigns true when you read this quote from Rospa:

Reported statistics indicate that the risk of being involved in an accident increases after the age of 70, and up to that age drivers are no more likely to cause a crash than to be the victim of another road user’s mistake. However, drivers over 70 and especially over 80 years, drivers are more likely to be at fault when they crash.

At present when you reach the age of 70 you have to renew your car licence every 3 years, however in lorries, minibuses or buses when you reach 45 you have to renew it every 5 years and upon reaching the age of 65 you have to renew it every year. So, it begs the question what’s the difference?

Having looked into this topic, many opinions seem to be repeated over and over. The main one being, re-test. My question would be, is this fair? What says you’re going to be a worse driver on your 70th birthday than you were the week before? Many people of this age will have passed decades ago, trust me the driving test is very different now. So would they have to do a full retest? Or a refresher?

Many elderly people see their driving licence as a lifeline and if they gave it up then it’s the beginning of the end.

At the end of the day we can pull statistics for both sides of the argument, ie younger drivers cause more crashes than older ones. I do believe that something needs to be done, however for once in my life I don’t have a strong view point. If I was forced to make an opinion then I would say everyone (not just the elderly) should be forced into an assessment every few years, both for driving and medical fitness. I feel that passing your test at 17, having driven around supervised for 40 minutes isn’t going to guarantee you’re a safe driver for the decades to come. But how would this be implemented, who’s going to pay for this? Would it work?

So the real question is – to self regulate or not to self regulate?
Answers on a postcard!

Nick Freeman – Mr Loophole

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Alex Pallister

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Nick Freeman aka ‘Mr Loophole’

For those of you who haven’t heard of Nick Freeman aka ‘Mr Loophole’ he’s a top criminal defence lawyer with an amazing talent to get people off convictions through technicalities or incredible explanations. Here are a few of his success stories

Sir Alex Ferguson

Back in 1999 Alex Ferguson was caught driving on the hard shoulder. The case ultimately ended up in court and Freeman successfully argued that Ferguson had a bad case of Diarrhea and had to get to a toilet quickly therefore needing to get to the Manchester United training ground. He also stated that Ferguson, as an elderly gentleman feared for his safety because he was being pursued by a car covered in Manchester City Flags. Finally He argued that he was trying to catch up with the Manchester United’s team coach who had left without him on the way to a premier league fixture.

Jimmy Carr

In 2009 Comedian Jimmy Carr was caught using him Mobile phone whilst driving. At the time the penalty was 3 points and a £60 fine. However after intervention from Freeman Jimmy Carr got off the charge. Freeman argued that as Carr was not using the mobile phone as a 2 way device he was not breaking any laws. He was using the phone as a Dictaphone and this was only a one way device.

Jeremy Clarkson

In 2006 a car on loan to Clarkson from Alfa Romeo was clocked doing 82mph in a 50mph limit. When it came to court in 2007 the Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Michael Atkinson asked to leave the court to make a phone call, upon returning to court he told the judge that “No evidence is to be offered in relation to the case.” And the judge through the case out.
Outside the court, Freeman explained that there were fatal errors in the summons and they had no information on who was driving the car, only that they knew who the car was loaned to. Prosecutors then pursued Alfa Romeo.

David Beckham

In 1999 David Beckham had his licence taken from him due to a 6-month ban for speeding. He was caught doing 76mph in a 50 mph limit.
Upon appeal Freeman argued that Beckham was suffering emotional trauma (do you remember this one?) having been hit with a boot kicked by Alex Ferguson. So therefore could not possibly be aware of his speed. He also argued that Beckham has been pursued by paparazzi on top of trying to get home to look after his newborn son. Freeman and Beckham won the appeal.

This all highlights that Freeman is a great defence lawyer. However is this a worrying trend? Should they be punished for their actions or should they be allowed to ‘go free’ because someone didn’t fill out some paperwork?
The counter argument would be that this shows failings in the system and without high profile cases like this, then failing would still keep happening.

Learning to drive around the world.

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Learning to drive around the world.

Through our call centre we get a lot of phone calls from worried students and even students from other countries who have native licences enquiring about how difficult the UK Driving test is or if they can drive on their current licence.
In comparison to other countries our test is very different. Some will argue it’s too easy, some too hard. I will let you decide on that, but I thought I would enlighten you with how other countries regulate their driving licences.


This is arguably one of the harder tests from around the world. You must go through numerous tests and it will take a minimum of 2 years to obtain a full licence. Lessons range from skid pan sessions to night time driving. You must then take a 2 part exam before being eligible for your licence.


Egypt however is much, much simpler. In the past it was driving the car forward a few meters and then reversing back, however it has now been made more complicated by the addition of ten questions and having to maneuverer around a few cones or lines.

Saudia Arabia

Whilst some discretion is often used for people from western countries, women in Saudi Arabia are banned from driving. In fact, they may only be allowed to travel in a car if they are accompanied by their father, husband or male relative.


In Japan you learn on fake, purpose-made roads in full-scale replica cities!


Before you can take your exam you must have clocked up at least 3000 km or driving experience with a qualified driver. You are also restricted to a lower speed limit on motorways of 110km per hour.


Until recently you could buy a licence without taking any tests at all.


In Russia all driving tests are taken in Russian, so any foreign nationals need to be fluent in the language to take the test.
You must hold a certificate of mental fitness and you must not have a history of substance abuse.


When you have passed a test in Greece, new drivers must show a red ‘N’ visible in the back window for 6 months.


Like the U.K. they have a points system and if you reach 20 your licence will be suspended. You must also carry your licence on you at all times when driving. In Brazil you are taught to drive defensively because the risk of being car-jacked is so high!

So as you can see, there are many rules for every country and nearly all are different. This is in no way a full representation of rules for each of these countries, but please leave your own experiences in the comments.

If you have a licence from another country and you are not sure if you can use it in the U.K. then please contact the DVLA for full information.

iPad Christmas winner!

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Christmas iPad Winner
At Bill Plant we always like to give back to our loyal followers and this holiday season was no exception. We ran an iPad competition throughout December on our Bill Plant Driving School Facebook Page for our ‘likers’ as a way of saying thankyou for their support. Due to the amazing response from this competition we have decided to make it a regular occurrence! Not only will we give away an iPad one month but we will also give away a £200 driving lesson voucher the month after.

Here is the lucky winner from our December 2013 iPad competition, courtesy of Bill Plant Ltd. Many congratulations Rose! We hope you’re enjoying :)

Bill Plant Driving School iPad Winner

45 Points on Licence.

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45 Points on Licence.

Over 7000 people still remain on the roads after accruing more than 12 points on their licence.
The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) released figures from the DVLA following a freedom of information request. The results were alarming.
The worst offender, a man from Liverpool, accumulated his 45th point in November. All of these points were totted up for exceeding the speed limit on a public road and for failing to disclose the identity of a driver.

So here’s the top ten.

  1. 45 points – Male – Liverpool – 8 Offences – Not declaring the driver of a vehicle and speeding
  2. 36 points – Male – Warrington – 6 offences – Driving without insurance.
  3. 34 Points – Female – Lincoln – 7 Offences – Not declaring the driver of a vehicle and speeding
  4. 31 Points – Female – Hull – 6 Offences – Not declaring the driver of a vehicle and speeding
  5. 30 Points – Male – Westcliff on sea – 10 offences – Speeding
  6. 30 Points – Male – Colchester – 4 offences – Not declaring the driver or a vhechile
  7. 30 points – Male – Brighouse – 5 offences – not delcarind the driver of a vehicle
  8. 30 points – Male – Doncaster – 8 Offences – Not declaring the driver of a vehicle and speeding
  9. 30 Points – Male – Dagenham – 6 Offences – Driving otherwise than in accordance with the licence, Not declaring the driver of a vehicle and speeding
  10. 28 points – Male – London – 4 Offences – Driving without insurance.

Deputy chief executive Julie Townsend of the Road safety Charity Brake said:

‘These irresponsible individuals have shown disregard for the law and the lives of other road users, time after time. Allowing these drivers to stay on our roads puts innocent members of the public in danger and makes a mockery of the system. Drivers who clock up 12 points have had ample warning to stop breaking the law and avoid disqualification.’

So what do you think?

Dryathlon January 2014!

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Dryathlon January 2014!

As one of the Uk’s Largest driving schools, Bill Plant Ltd and it’s staff members have donated thousands of pounds to Charity over the years.

This January has seen the ever popular return of the Dryathlon, which raises money in aid of Cancer Research. For the first month of the year Dryathletes go sober not only to raise money for the charity but to also raise awareness about cancer, in the hope that one day soon we can put a stop to this devastating disease.


Last year the organization raised 4 million pounds and this year Bill Plant Ltd wants to join in.

General manager Jake Plant has signed up and has so far not touched a drop! Please spare anything you can and help us raise money for Cancer Research Uk. If you wish to donate, please visit Jake’s Just giving page below:

Just Giving

Rodolph ‘Rudy’ Austin!

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Rodolph ‘Rudy’ Austin!

For those of you who don’t follow football this is Rudy Austin – the Captain of the first team for Leeds United. He passed his driving test first time with Bill Plant instructor Sean Kitching at Knaresborough test centre. Many congratulations to Rudy and Sean!

Audi Q3 handover

Part Worn Tyres Sold Illegally.

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Part Worn Tyres Sold Illegally.

All of the part-worn tyres bought in an investigation by Bristol trading standards officers failed to meet relevant regulations and were therefore sold illegally.
During the investigation the officers purchased 10 part worn tyres from retailers across the city and all of them failed to meet the required regulations relating to tyre condition. Some of the tyres were found to contain serious safety breaches.
The trading standards investigator for Bristol city council – Dean gray said: ‘People can buy second-hand tyres without any problems but we have seen some horrific cases, including a tyre sold as new, but which was in fact 16 years old and blew up on the motorway the day after. For the safety of consumers, it is essential that the vendor follows legislation and checks for damage and illegal repairs and properly marks the tyre as part-worn. A few simple checks could save someone’s life.’
Amongst the requirements needed for compliance with the regulations are that the tyres must have undergone a thorough inspection, have been pressure tested, have at least 2mm of tread depth and be permanently marked as part-worn tyres.

Hard Shoulder Use.

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Hard Shoulder Use
A recent survey from the breakdown group ‘SURVIVE has shown that more than one in four drivers has stopped on the hard shoulder in a non-emergency situation.
The survey of more than 20,000 people found that the most common non-emergency excuse for stopping were illness and toilet breaks.
Since the year 2000 an average of 836 people a year have been killed on hard shoulders or lay-bys.
The chairman of SURVIVE Allan Mowatt, said “The hard shoulder can be a highly dangerous place with vehicles thundering past just feet away, but some people don’t fully appreciate the risks involved in stopping on the hard shoulder. By law, the hard shoulder is for genuine emergencies only”.

Information taken from Rospa’s care on the road magazine.

Adi Training

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Adi Training

The consultation from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) on “Modernising Driver Training” closed on the 8th August 2013. The three main aims of the proposal were:

1. Replace the 3 tests in which instructors undertake with vocational training.
2. Improve the current tests
3. Replace the trainee licence with a requirement for PDIs (Potential Driving instructors) to be accompanied by ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) when delivering paid instruction.

This however will not affect Bill Plant Ltd as our Driving School only uses ADI’s unlike some of the Uk’s Driving Schools who use PDI’s.

Information taken from Rospa’s Care on the road magazine August 2013

Passing Pupils!

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Passing Pupils!

Everyday we post photos to our Facebook page of pupils who have passed their tests with a Bill Plant Driving Instructor. We are receiving such a high volume of photographs that we cant fit them all onto Facebook anymore! Here are just a fraction of the passes we’ve had!
If you are one of these pupils then please leave us a comment and let us know your story or if your the instructor who helped one of these lovely people to pass then please leave a comment as well.

The Q3′s have arrived at Bill Plant!

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The Q3′s have arrived at Bill Plant!

We are very excited here at Bill Plant HQ, we can now announce that the Audi Q3′s have finally arrived! We are very proud to be enrolling this vehicle onto our fleet alongside the ever popular Audi A3! If you want to learn in either of these cars then give us a call on 0330 555 2254 and our call centre staff can arrange this with you!

Below you can see our very own Jake Plant handing over a brand new Q3 to one of our longest serving Driving Instructors, Peter Brabin from Leeds.

Audi Q3 handover

Bill Plant Ltd gives away an Audi A3!

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Bill Plant Ltd gives away an Audi A3!

We have given away an Audi A3 to the lucky winner of our ‘Win a car’ competition.

This competition isn’t running currently but please see our Facebook page and our website for our current competitions. These currently include -Win an iPad3, Win £200 worth of driving lessons, and our newest competition Win an Audi Track day at Silverstone which is open until the beginning of April 2013!

Winner of the Audi A3 Competition with Bill Plant Ltd

Congratulations on your brand new Audi A3!

Remember to Like us on Facebook to keep up to date on all of our competitions!

Bill Plant Facebook Page


Bill Plant Testimonials!

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Bill Plant Driving School Reviews

We have recently been sent a few testimonials which we thought would be beneficial for you to have a read through. Here are a few, there are plenty more to come :)

If you want to see your testimonial on here then please contact us

Ian Williams – Bill Plant Pupil

The car is very nice to drive, support from head office is good. would like to see 1 or 2 more instructors in swindon area as my work load is ridiculous.

Audi Q3 handover

Andy Oraw – Pupil

I passed my test the second time with ronnie lammont after about 4 months of lessons. I had previously took lessons with another instructor a couple of years ago for about a year and wasn’t getting anywhere so i quit but after contacting ronnie and starting back my lessons i learned alot more in the 4 months with ronnie than i did with the previous instructor. Ronnie is a superb instructor and all round great guy. I will definately be recommending him to my friends !!!

Kevin James – Bill Plant instructor

I have been with Bill Plant for three months now and have found them the most professional driving school I have worked for. The car is excellent for teaching. All my pupils love it!

Audi Q3 handover

Leigh Gallacher – Pupil

I have just passed my driving test FIRST TIME after 2 months of lessons with Ronnie Lamont :)
I had taken driving lessons with different instructors previously and had never even come close to taking my test in this time so was delighted when i came across Ronnie – A great support whilst learning, very structured in his teaching with all his little diagrams (a great way of explaining things) ;) whilst at the same time making the whole experience fun and enjoyable. He truly made me feel comfortable and confident in my driving in no time at all. And an added bonus to the whole experience was definitely his Audi Q3 i got to learn in, an absolute dream to learn in!!
I would highly recommend Ronnie to anyone looking to learn to drive!!

Thanks again Ronnie :)

Bill Plant Instructor – Alan Westerman

Have been with Bill Plant for 5 years now since I first became an ADI looks like I started with the best driving school. I have no intentions of going anywhere else. Fantastic cars and great backup by all the team.

Lauren Parker – Pupil

Mark Membry is such an outstanding driving tutor and I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn in the West Sussex region! He is a firm but fair instructor offering nothing but the best tuition that he could possibly give to any learner. At first I was not very confident about learning to drive but Mark has given me all the confidence I need in order to pass my test with flying colours, he is also very patient with all of his pupils and gives constant reassurance to every individual so that they stay focused and learn about the danger and hazards of today’s roads. I will promote Bill Plant and the company’s best instructor to everyone I know! Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to taking my test :)

Dominic Nickless – Bill Plant Instructor

Very happy with the vehicle. It looks and drives wonderfully. Staff are very helpful and informative. I’m happy working for Bill Plant, they always give lots of loads and are obliging when you need to boost your pupil numbers.

Paul Hobman – Bill Plant Instructor

My first 18 months with Bill Plant have been a pleasure, Plenty of pupils, plenty of tlc when hlpe is needed from the Bill Plant staff. The car has been good and support and servicing are easy to access.
My previous experiences of driving school have not been so good. I have been more than pleased and now they are giving me an Audi a3 to use – Bliss.

Jackie Bailey – Bill Plant Instructor

The Audi A3 is a really nice car to drive and attracts a lot of attention to the public. I have had a lot of people approaching me for lessons.

Bill Plant Driving school know me by name and not a number like my previous driving school. They are very helpful and approachable and the franchise fee is very good value for money. To anyone wanting to become an instructor I would recommend Bill Plant. I only wish I had found out about them earlier.

Mo Hammad – Bill Plant Instructor

First of all I would like to say thankyou to Mr Plant for making all of this possible and to all the staff around him for their support. This is a very stress free franchise, there is nothing to worry about because everything is sorted quickly. A special thanks to Tom and Alison for all of their work!!

Audi Q3 handover

Ian Milner – Bill Plant Instructor

The car is the best car I’ve had out of the 7 years I have worked for the company. So easy to teach in. As for the company – very helpful, friendly staff are always there to help when you need them.

Paul Baxter – Bill Plant Instructor

Been with BP now for 4 years. Good company, great cars to drive. Audi is best car I’ve taught in. If I ask for pupil I get pupils and what they say they will happen, does.
All in all Happy, keep the cars, keep the pupil coming and we will all be happy!

Jamie Stewart – Bill Plant Instructor.

After picking up the new A3, I am already loving it. The features are great, the ride is smoother and its a little more responsive than the previous model. I do think the pupils are going to love this just as much as I do.
I have been with Bill Plant for 4 years and to date have had no issues. I have enjoyed the courses.

Militza Smith – Pupil

I recently passed my test after having lessons with one of your instructors. Even though I live in London, I work Monday to Friday in Manchester. My Instructor, David Adonga from Dulwhich was extremely accommodating with working around me being in London for limited periods of time, meeting me from the station on my way back from Manchester to avoid my lessons interfering with my weekend family time. David was a fantastic instructor and made me feel relaxed even on the day of my test when I was extremely nervous. Thank you Bill Plant for providing me with a first class instructor.

David Weekes – Pupil

Thanks to Paul Hartley, he is a credit to Bill Plant. I have passed on his details to some work colleagues who are thinking about taking lessons, he is very friendly, down to earth and made me feel very comfortable

Zafar Iqbal – Bill Plant Instructor

Since changing my car to the Audi A3 Ive found it to be a reliable car to be teaching in. All of the learners really enjoyed driving it too!
Also as an instructor, the franchise of Bill Plant has gotten me recognised. I would just like to say one of the best driving Schools to be working for and I want to stay working with Bill Plant.

Steve Devaney – Bill Plant Instructor

Fantastic company, very proactive. Always put themselves out to make our lives as instructors as easy as possible. Hope to be with them for many years to come!

Andrew Chambers – Bill Plant Instructor

Since joining up with Bill Plant in 2012, I have experienced a high quality of standards in the work that they do. The staff who are on the call centre are brilliant. The support that they offer is truly great. I always seem to have pupil when needed. The new Audi A3 is amazing, the 2013 model is a different class, this is the way forward. I so much feel that Bill Plant is at the top of there game at the moment and they just seem to be getting better!

David Hale – Pupil

My name is David Hale I was taking lessons with Bill Plant in Ipswich. Before I started having lessons with Bill Plant I was very wary as in the past I had an instructor that was all about the money and not about the driving. But, that has been far from the case with Bill Plant’s instructor, I could tell this within half an hour of meeting him, he arrived early, smartly dressed and the biggest plus – he was smiling. I had 10 lessons with him and in that time he got me to DSA standards. On the day of the test I didn’t really know what to expect but he went through it all again with me and I passed with only 3 minors, the instructors name is Neville Crack in the Ipswich, Suffolk area.

Dave Large – Bill Plant Instructor

Ive Been with Bill Plant for one year and ive been with other companies. Bill Plant is by far the best company I have worked with. No problems – if you need pupils, they will supply. No problems with the car – They will fix quickly is needs be. Join us!!

Audi Q3 handover

Geoff Allitt – Bill Plant Instructor

I am exceptionally happy with vehicles and service provided. The Audi brand is great for attracting new pupils and is probably the best thing the BP group could have done. Pupil numbers are increasing and many thank to Tom on instructor support and his team for the provisional of pupils when required. I look forward to many more years with the Bill Plant group.

Lee Desmond – Bill Plant Instructor

Been with Bill Plant for four years and have enjoyed every minute. The cars have been great and the addition of the Audi’s has put us on a new level. Had the Audi for 12 months and it is a joy to drive and the pupils love it! Audi B’ham have been excellent with their service an ability to get the car serviced / repaired in quick time. After 15 years of instructing I am enjoying myself more at the moment than any of my previous years. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Audi Q3 handover

Steven Entwistle – Bill Plant Instructor

When arrived the car was ready for pickup, nice friendly staff to talk to and they give you the relevant information towards new car. Enjoying working with the audi car, it gets noticed by more potential pupils and the colours make the car stand out which is a bonus. Enjoy working for Bill Plant and having a great car is a bonus to a good, well organised company.

Graham May – Bill Plant Instructor

Hi, I am Graham May from Liverpool and I have been a Bill Plant instructor for over three years now.

I took delivery of the new Audi A3 on Thursday and all the pupils who have drove it, find it to be a very easy car to drive. And I love all the gadgets like sat nav and the bluetooth phone etc.

Audi Q3 handover

Lee Morby – Bill Plant Instructor

Good to feel part of a ‘family’ Excellent back up when req.

Michael Mullings – Bill Plant Instructor

I found the vehicle to be excellent to drive with good visibility. This is great for the student and I have found they enjoy and get to grips with how the car handles quickly.
As for the company I have found the experience of being a driving instructor very enjoyable. The support I receive is great and I feel well looked after.

Audi Q3 handover

Eldon Playfair – Bill Plant Instructor

I’ve been very happy with the service given to me since joining Bill Plant. The staff are always very helpful, there’s always a steady flow of pupils and the car is excellent.

Audi Q3 handover

Kuldip Singh – Bill Plant Instructor

Very pleased with the car and the main thing, as any instructor will know is pupil supply. If I am ever short of pupils I just need to give the team a call!

Janette McCauley – Bill Plant Instructor

Working with Bill Plant over the last five and a half years has been a pleasure. Generally speaking whenever I have a problem it is sorted our straight away. I have attended various courses with BP, the last being a first aid course which I found very helpful, last month. I’m very excited about collecting my new car and happy I had a choice of colour.

Audi Q3 handover

Kevin Wrightson – Bill Plant Instructor

Happy with my 1sy year working for Bill Plant, looking forward to the new car and the coming year.

Audi Q3 handover

Steve Todd – Bill Plant Instructor

Have not had any problems. A very good company or work with. Good cars and a very good support network.

Richard Branston – Bill Plant Instructor

Ive really enjoyed having the old Audi and I am looking forward to the new car. I think the office staff are really helpful when I call for pupils. I have worked here since 2012 and things have picked up for me. Worked dried up after being an independent for 12 years and was recommended by an instructor and things are gone well for the past 10 months here, not regretted the change.

Audi Q3 handover

Jeff Boulton – Bill Plant Instructor

Car was great, no problems, good feedback from pupils! Enjoy my job very much.

Graham Booth – Bill Plant Instructor

Since stating with Bill Plant in January I have found both the professionalism and friendly nature of the staff and individuals working for Bill to have been of the highest standard and hope to develop my relationship with the company.

Audi Q3 handover

Peter Holgate – Bill Plant Instructor.

Very good driving school to work for, not had any problems, best move I made.

Audi Q3 handover

Wayne Oxley – Bill Plant Instructor

Bill Plant is a really good company to work for, customer services is very good! The Audi A3 is a really nice car, pupils love it.

Audi Q3 handover

Christian Deac – Bill Plant Instructor

I have been pleasantly surprised by the way my requests for new pupils have been dealt with by the instructor support team. An overall 9/10 for Bill Plant!

Paul Humphreys – Bill Plant Instructor

Really excited about the new car, should help encourage pupils. Been with Bill Plant for 5 years and really happy!

Danny Gardiner – Bill Plant Instructor

well I would like to give you all at bill plant a big thank you .ive had all the big spill from the last 2 schools I worked for and they just let me down..all I can say is you and all at bill plant have done all and more that you said you would do for me…I know its only been a few weeks but I would like to say thank you and long may it last…

Thanks mate danny

Paul Walker – Bill Plant Instructor

Bill Plant has been excellent in regards of service and communication. I have been instructing for 7 years now and Bill Plant have by far been the best instructor company I’ve worked with. Pupils are forwarded on a regular basis and the staff are second to none. The new Audi cars are just stunning to drive and teach in. All in all 10/10 for Bill Plant!

Louise Odonoghue – Bill Plant Instructor

I really found the car to be very well received with customers and all my family and friends like it too. As an instructor working all day in the car I find it very comfortable, economical and a pleasure to drive. I look forward to going to work each day.

Audi Q3 handover

Michael Alpha – Bill Plant Instructor

Happy for my new car and I hope my students will be very happy!

Audi Q3 handover

Darren Wilkinson – Bill Plant Instructor

Great to be with Bill Plant Driving School at this present time and to be driving the best driving school car in the business. Staff are great and have enjoyed my time having been here five years

Audi Q3 handover

Andy Cockman – Bill Plant Instructor

Looking forward to the new car, the audi is such a nice car to drive and teach in. Positive feedback from pupils is 100%, they like the car and the quality of the drive.
The car definitely stands out around the area and gets a lot of positive comments from other instructors saying it’s a nice car.
Excellent experience with Bill Plant.

Audi Q3 handover

Andrew Lee – Bill Plant Instructor

Over the last few months being with Bill Plant i’ve had no problems getting in touch with anyone and everyone has been very helpful. The Audi A3 is a very nice car to teach in, Thankyou!

Audi Q3 handover

Anthony Fitzgerald – Bill Plant Instructor

The Audi A3 is great to drive and teach in and looking forward to the new Audi. Working with Bill Plant driving school has been a good experience, staff are friendly and helpful and no shortage of pupils.

Audi Q3 handover

Brian Smith – Bill Plant Instructor

Audi Q3 handover

Mike Bago – Bill Plant Instructor

Great to get the Audi, hoping it generates more pupils. The staff have been very helpful and are good to work with.

Audi Q3 handover

Martin Shepherd – Bill Plant Instructor

I joined Bill Plant in April 2013 and I have found the school and the office staff very helpful and supportive in my time at the school. My 15 students came through within a month and a steady flow of work has followed. The advertising stationary is very effective and generating new students and enquiries, even when I’m sat at traffic signals I have noticed people taking the details from the car. Everything considered I would say the school is a market leader.

Audi Q3 handover

Brian Edwards – Bill Plant Instructor

The A3 is an amazing car and now it’s upgrading I cant ask for anything better, more fuel economy and a sat nav – wow! Staff on the phone are excellent I cant fault them!

Audi Q3 handover

Chris Budge – Bill Plant Instructor

My names chris and I’m a Bill Plant franchisee.

About 12 months ago I stopped being an independent instructor and decided I needed a change.

Like most people I guess I started to search the Internet for schools locally that offered a franchise but could only really find schools that didn’t really have any interest in me or my potential and were just after a different car advertising their company and more money from me every week for not a lot else in return.

I then started to look into the larger, more nationwide based driving schools.

The usual companies offering the usual things but there was one that stood out.

Bill Plant.

I contacted all the nationwide schools by email, thinking this would generate a response. Ok, now it might be just me but if you wanted to advertise your companies efficiency and effectiveness you would think that at lease a response would show a level of professionalism. I only had one response. Yep just one and that was from Bill Plant. TheY said my enquiry had been passed to a specific person and that he would call before the end of the day.

15 mins later the phone rings and yep Bill Plant driving school on the phone asking how they can help me. I could not believe it… They help me….

After a very frank, direct and honest discussion I had a meeting arranged at my convenience to suit me were I could discuss any matters further.

3 days passed and still no further communication with any of the other national driving schools contacted.

The morning of the meeting with Bill Plant arrived and to my shock the gentleman was already waiting for me in a very sharp suit, immaculately kept car and a warm and sincere welcome.

Now I’m a very forward and direct person so I had a list of concerns which I wanted realistic answers to.

The poor chap got blasted with every possible issue I imagined could happen.

To my surprise everything advertised was actually how it was.

I would get a brand new Audi A3 within 4weeks of signing up… Yep got that
I would get 2 weeks of paying nothing at the start… Yep got that
I would get 15 potential student leads before starting to pay a franchise… Yep got that
I could have access to numerous CPD courses… Yep got that

So that’s what I wanted but I got so much more

From the start the paperwork was prompt, efficient and effective. The office staff could not do enough to help, and what they said would happen did and I was in a awkward position. I was expecting the worst but Bill Plant had exceeded my expectations.

I was invited to attend a welcome morning at head office, which initially made me wonder why would I need to take a whole day off and the cost of travel.

Well within 15 mins of arriving at the very impressive Bill Plant Head offices I knew it had not been a wasted journey. I was introduced to all the senior staff including the owner and his family.


So after 12 months with Bill Plant Driving School how would I sum up the year.

Well I hope they don’t want rid of me any time soon as I can confidently say I am Bill Plant for life.

Ok let me qualify that.

I get the best car I have ever taught in and my students brag about to their friends
I get to work along side committed, enthusiastic, motivated professionals who sole role is to make my franchise easier and better for me
I get to have as much CPD courses and check test training the list goes on
I feel welcomed, valued, wanted, appreciated and above all else part of a family
I trust the people I work with to be as committed and focused as I am
I know that even the smallest issue will be addressed promptly and with diligence
I tell everyone I meet how lucky I am to be part of Bill Plant and how they are missing out

So many of my fellow instructors who I talk to have joined Bill Plant Driving School and they all say the same as I do

Thank you Bill Plant Driving school

Thank you for caring
Thank you for making the difference
Thank you for not just being like the rest
Thank you for seeing past the weekly franchise money in your account and actually caring for the people who work along side you
Thank you to those at head office who work incredibly hard to make our lives easier

Finally to those who are looking at investing your time and hard earned money with Bill Plant driving school.

I only have 2 regrets:

I should have joined them years ago
I didn’t think they could make me better… I was wrong

Thank you Bill Plant

Audi Q3 handover

David Hone – Bill Plant Instructor

I have been really excited and looking forward to picking up my new Audi A3. Now I am here picking it up, it looks far better than I imaged. I can see lots of new gadgets within the car and I know this will really enhance my business. Thank you to Bill Plant and all the back up staff for their support.

Audi Q3 handover

Paul Crouch – Bill Plant Instructor

I have been looking forward to getting a new car for a while now after driving one while my old car was being serviced. I have been with Bill Plant for around 2 years after moving from the AA and I have found them a much better company with better instructor support.

Audi Q3 handover

Christian Savin – Bill Plant Instructor

Great company, nice colleagues, I hope to continue with this company!

Audi Q3 handover

Keith Swettenham – Bill Plant Instructor

I’m very please to be upgrading to a prestige driving school car! Beautiful.

Audi Q3 handover

Glenn Parkin – Bill Plant Instructor

I’ve been with Bill Plant for over a year and really like using the Audi A3. The students find it easy to drive and enjoy using it compared to the standard Fiesta or Corsa.

Audi Q3 handover

Stuart Taylor – Bill Plant Instructor

From the first phone call on enquiring about the franchise, to instructor support and the advanced training course I have found all of the staff to be dedicated and friendly, and the service to be excellent.

Audi Q3 handover

John Healey – Bill Plant Instructor

Great Staff – Great Cars, Well run company.

Audi Q3 handover

Mason Williamson – Bill Plant Instructor

Since joining Bill Plant I have been pleased with the service. Every week new pupils are sent to me so my diary is always full.

Audi Q3 handover

Jenni Young – Bill Plant Instructor

I am truly enjoying my new career and am very happy I chose to become part of the Bill Plant Group. I hope to continue for many years and become a valuable asset within that group.

Mark Deighton – Bill Plant Instructor

Audi Q3 handover

Russel Noonan – Bill Plant Instructor

Been with the company for 18 months. The management are helpful but not intrusive and are fully supportive in all my experience. I have no regrets moving from a larger firm and look forward to many years of safe driving in my new Audi A3.

Audi Q3 handover

Clyde Robertson – Bill Plant Instructor

Bill Plant has been great, I am never short of hours and problems are generally quickly remedied.
Great cars too, looking forward to lessons in the new A3!

Audi Q3 handover

Shaun Phills – Bill Plant Instructor

I joined Bill Plant in January 2013 and have since had to ask them to stop sending me pupils as I have too much work. I have had to do this on three occasions – something I was never able to do at my old school.
The helpline is always answered and the operator is always friendly and helpful.

Audi Q3 handover

Paul Hartley – Bill Plant Instructor

I previously held a franchise with a national company before deciding to join the Bill Plant franchise. My regret is that l did not do it earlier. Whilst l have only been with Bill Plant since April 2013, l have had a steady flow of new pupils and my business is now beginning to grow. I have found the back up from the team in Ripon to be excellent and they are always willing to help, when telephoned or emailed. The provision of free stationary and publicity materials is a big bonus.

I recently took delivery of the new Audi A3. Whilst the previous A3 was a very good car the new model is excellent. The inbuilt navigation and bluetooth system makes life on the road so much more relaxing. My pupils love the new A3 and in particular the electronic parking brake which they find much easier to use than the traditional system and it all comes at no extra cost to the franchisee. I look forward to a long association with Bill Plant who I consider to be the top driving school.

Audi Q3 handover

Peter Ingham – Bill Plant Instructor

I had held a franchise with a national driving school for 16 years and felt I was no longer getting a good deal. Looking at a number of options Bill Plant seemed to offer the best value. I have now been with Bill Plant for 3 years and have been very happy with my decision. The supply of pupils has been good and the support of the office staff is excellent.
I have recently taken delivery of my new Audi which is a big improvement. The sat nav and Bluetooth are very welcome additions and the pupils love driving the car.

Audi Q3 handover

Kevan Chatterley – Bill Plant Instructor

The art of teaching safe defensive driving to today’s drivers of all ages and installing the driving and mental skills needed for the future with ever evolving laws and conditions on our roads today is not for everyone.
However for those of us that have that necessary Temperament, Skills and Patients to do this job on a professional level it is a very rewarding way to earn a living.

I have been an A.D.I (Approved Driving Instructor) for 13 years and have seen quite a few changes
in particular the amount of new Driving Schools and instructors on the road today.
When I first qualified I was with Let’s Drive who were then taken over by another well known brand name and all was well till the last part of 2012 when work seemed to dry up a little.
Bill Plant had been sending me information about his driving school on a regular basis for about two years so time for a change was finally brought about.

The Interview/Induction to the Bill Plant Driving School was very informative straight forward and a bit of fun as well, and it’s for newly qualified ADI’s as well as us existing instructors looking for a new challenge, This takes place at company HQ in Rippon.
It covers all aspects of the job from finance control through tax returns, health and safety to your role as the public face of the Bill Plant Driving School plus at the end of it you get to drive home in a shiny new car.

The cars we use are the new AUDI A3 1600 TDI with all singing all dancing technology.
Since swapping to the new Audi A3 all of my pupils love the Electronic Hand Brake (No roll back) Stop/Start technology (instant start when stalled) the ease with which it drives as well as its good looks and the fact they are driving an AUDI A3, Fuel economy not bad for a big engined car as well, So, Great all round car for teaching purposes.

The Bill Plant company it self only uses fully Qualified Instructors and is expanding all the time but with seemingly a sensible rate, so not too many instructors covering the same area, the franchise is reasonable considering what the car is and the back up and support is excellent, We get regular texts from the support team to ask about our pupil supply levels and stationary etc.
The guaranteed 15 new pupils materialised within three to four days of signing with a steady supply thereafter, which is good, considering today’s struggling financial climate in some sectors.
There are opportunities to develop further within the boundaries of instruction and the business in general is making steady progress.
So in summery I am pleased that I decided to make the change to Bill Plant and so far there are no problems or unexpected surprises arising from that change.
The good reputation of the company is looking to be maintained all the time so we follow the simple rules and we all achieve our goal. (to make money).

Audi Q3 handover

Mark Membry – Bill Plant Instructor

I joined Bill plant in March, although I was independent I felt alone out there on my own, as I have had real bad experiences before from other franchised driving schools, I was a bit unsure but decided i had nothing to lose.
I can honestly say that having met the whole team I settled very quickly and I can say “hand on heart” its the best move I have ever made pupil numbers have really increased and I am really busy now and nothing is too much trouble for the office staff either a good company and I know I will continue with Bill Plant. PS THE AUDI A3 is a real great training car and the pupils love it !!!

Peter Smith – Bill Plant Instructor

The Audi A3 is a superb car to drive, the pupils love it!

Audi Q3 handover

Mark Young – Bill Plant Instructor

Since joining Bill Plant the staff at the office have been very helpful and encouraging. I would recommend any instructor to join the Bill Plant group. The Audi cars are much better than the hyundai cars and good encouragement for the pupils to learn in.

Audi Q3 handover

Carl Lewis – Bill Plant Instructor

I have been an instructor with Bill Plant for three years and I have been very satisfied and happy with them. they guve me all the lessons I ask for and all the staff I’ve spoken to are all helpful. In the past I have worked for other driving schools but Ive found Bill Plant a lot more professional.

Audi Q3 handover

Ronnie Lamont – Bill Plant Instructor

Just a short note to say how much I am enjoying my time with Bill Plant – National Driving School. The School is run – I feel- on a very friendly family way and Bill Plant himself is very approachable and easy to talk to as are all the staff (too many to mention). I look forward to a long and happy relationship with what I think is the Premium Driving School in Britain and I wish I had joined earlier. Ronnie Lamont

Audi Q3 handover

Richard Marbow – Bill Plant Instructor

I have been with Bill Plant for around 4 years. In that time they have been very professional. There has never been a problem with pupil referrals and when times have been tough they have always been there to help. The quality of the Audi is beyond question. The pupil love driving them and I have been stopped several times in car-parks by people just because of the car. The staff I have spoken with at the office have always been friendly and I would recommend them to anybody looking to franchise.

Audi Q3 handover

Mark Bruce – Bill Plant instructor

Having been an ADI for nearly 17 years, I have now held franchises with all of the big 4 national driving schools – my only regret is not joining Bill Plant Driving School earlier than I did.

They are in my opinion, easily the best, I feel that they are the ones who have given me the best change to improve both my personal teaching skills and my business opportunities.

If you try and help yourself – Bill Plant will be there beside you, every step of the way giving you their best assistant and encouragement for you to succeed.
The staff and management are always keen, friendly and helpful – always going that extra mile to assist you, no matter how difficult that task may be.
It is tremendously encouraging to work for such a progressive and forward thinking Driving School, who are always striving to improve the quality of their instructors knowledge and skills, thereby improving the quality of the service they provide to their clients – both pupils and instructors.

Stuart Godfrey – Bill Plant Instructor

The pupils I have like to drive my A3, this a very good company to work for.

Audi Q3 handover

Dannielle Hawthorne – Pupil.

Just wanted to thank your company especially my driving instructor kev davies! I passed my test today! 1st time with 10 minors! :) My lessons were rushed as im pregnant and wanted to pass before the babys due and kev trained me well to make this happen! Will definetly be recommending your company! Thank you so much!! :D

Paul Hartley – Bill Plant Instructor.

Took delivery of my new car last Thursday. I think the new A3 is great. I particularly like the built in Sat Nav and more importantly the Bluetooth phone connection, easy to use and clear communications.

Every pupil who has driven it so far thinks the electronic handbrake is marvellous. It certainly makes it easier for them to move off, not having to worry about releasing the handbrake.

Tim Greensmith – Parent of Pupil Lauren.

Hi Bill Plant Team!
My Daughter Lauren started driving lessons with Malcolm Evans in late April 2013 and she passed her test first time on thursday 11th July. I would like to say a big thank you to Malcolm for giving my daughter first rate instruction. She loved his lessons. He is an all round nice guy and I will certainly recommend him to my friends and family. Well done Malcolm for all your hard work. Lauren thinks you’re legend!
Thank you again Malcolm from Lauren and her Parents.

Pupil – Gaurav

For anyone of any driving ability Rafi Ameri is a fantastic candidate, not only for his driving instructor skills but his person to person communication is second to none. He can particularly find your driving flaws very early on and works on them without wasting anytime. Throughout my time working with Rafi I found he was a very flexible person and willing to adapt to numerous times to suit the learner. I found he was very good at his profession and also found he was great communicator. Overall he was a great guy to work with and would recommend him to anyone.
Gaurav Jobanputra

Pupil – Abdul Waheed Akbari

I would like thank you for being such professional yet friendly instructor while instructing me how to drive. I not only learn a lot from you and passed my test with great success and also enjoyed my lessons. Beside, doing the Pass Plus with you was very effective and built my driving skills and made me even more confident driver. Therefore, I will recommend my all friends to have their driving lesson with you. Once again, thank you very much.

Your humble student

Abdul Waheed Akbari

Pupil – Yama

I would like to thank Mr Mohammad Rafi Ameri for his professional instruction and unique skills in identifying driving learners’ weakest points and his driving lessons planning and implementation.

Within 10 minutes of my initial drive with Mr. Amiri he identified my weak points, developed a learning plan and gave me an accurate estimation of time, number of lessons to pass the driving test on the first attempt.

I found him a very punctual and flexible instructor. We had a very good communication throughout the driving lesson. He is a very experienced person, so every seconds of time with him is of a very high value. He has a lot to share with you, be it a social integration, professional/career, cultural/religious or any other topic. Get your driving lessons and much more for free!

I passed my driving test on the first attempt and got a clear sheet with not mistakes.

Thank you once again Mr. M. Rafi Ameri and wish you all the very best.

Best regards, Yama

Kabelo Koosaletse – Pupil


I have recently taken some driving lessons with Bill Plant and subsequent driving test which I passed at first attempt .

Before I took lessons with Bill Plant I had never taken any driving lessons nor a driving test. I found Rafi my instructor to be a very good instructor. He explains things very well, his mannerism are very good, which makes the learner comfortable. He is very good at guiding a learner to be a good driver and in the process making it easy to pass the practical test. The way he explains good driving tends to stick first time on the learner.

I highly recommend Rafi, infact I have advised my partner who has taken numerous lessons with BSM and not getting anywhere to turn to Bill Plant – more especially under Rafi. The pricing structure Bill Plant promotes is very competitive and coupled with Rafi behind the wheel, the combination is definitely a winner.

Happy client

Kabelo Koosaletse
Test passed – 02/07/13 – FIRST TIME
Testing Center – Hayes.
Instructor – Rafi

Rob Saville – Pupil

I would just like to say thanks to Ronnie Stott for all the hard work and effort he put in from the start, I was very impressed with the way he did his lessons. Ronnie is very approachable and very personable which helps you feel alot more comfortable in your lessons. I got on with Ronnie very well which helped alot, he never got stressed and he always re-assured me when I was unsure. Ronnie was excellent at explaining how certain roads work and how to deal with situations, in fact, he was second to none in all aspects of driving and I would recommend him to every single one of my friends! Once again I just want to say a huge thanks to Ronnie Stott!

Denise Murphy – Pupil

Just wanted to say a big big thank you to u Ronnie for all ur help getting me passed my test FIRST TIME!!!! And if anyone in the area is looking for an instructor I suggest u look Ronnie Lamont up as he really is the best instructor out there and not only helps u with ur driving but will give u all the extra support you need to get u passed, thanx again Ronnie couldn’t have done it without you!

Dear Bill Plant Team,

I would like to say a massive thankyou for introducing me to my driving instructor Michael Bago.

I have tried to take lessons over the years with the AA and independent instructors but was let down by their cancellations and inconsistent training; which made me feel uncomfortable, nervous and inadequate!

Michael broke down all barriers of nerves, took me back to basics and progressed me to passing my test with flying colours on Tuesday 22/01/13.
He is such a safe, patient, thorough and consistent instructor and made every lesson good fun and educational I can’t thank him and you enough.

I gave a lift to a friend who has been driving for 17 years and she said I was a better driver than she was, she avoids roundabouts because she’s scared of them and has asked for Bill Plants number so she can have some refresher lessons

Thankyou and best regards

Alison, driver ☺

Rick Copeman – Pupil

I would like to express my sincere thanks to my driving instructor, Rahmat Khan, who was the most patient, kind and well-informed person I have ever met!

With only ten lessons, I passed first time with only 4 minor mistakes!

Looking Back at Road Safety

Looking Back at Road Safety

Road Safety Advances since the Queen came to power 60 years ago
To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this coming weekend, the Bill Plant National Driving School have glanced backwards in time for once, looking at road safety and its developments in the 60 years since our Queen took the throne in 1952.

Road safety today is quite often one of the focus topics for organisations, councils, and individual drivers themselves. It is at a stage whereby figures published last year were the lowest they have been in a long time, largely due to the investment by Road Safety conscious company’s and various local authorities all across the UK, helping to push understanding and awareness to the vast majority of UK road users today.
The Bill Plant National Driving School have in partnership with local councils been a part of this progression and reduction in road deaths by pushing their Road Safety Campaigns.
Using roadshows and leaflets highlighting to the general public the dangers of drink driving, speeding, and driving without due care and attention we have spread the Road Safety bug far and wide!

Having carried these roadshows out over the last 3 years, we are happy to be a part of making the UK roads safer for all road users today.

  • Since 1952, over 315,000 people have died on our UK roads.
  • An average of 6000 people died each year as a result of road traffic accidents in 1952 compared to recent record-low figures of 1857 in 2010 and even fewer in 2011.
  • Compared to 1952, you are up to 7 times safer on the roads in 2012.
  • In 1952 there were only 3.8 million vehicles on our roads rising sharply in recent years to over 35 million!
  • Just 6 years after taking the throne, our Queen saw the UK’s first motorway known then as the Preston Bypass (now the M6) being opened to our UK road users in 1958 and it had NO SPEED LIMIT until 1967 when a 70mph limit was introduced as an experiment.
  • Over £45 billion is paid in road taxes today, compared with less than £400 million in 1952.
  • Additions to road usage requirements include the MOT test, Theory Test, Hazard Perception Test, Child Seat Requirements, Compulsory Seat Belt Requirements, Speed Limits, Traffic Cameras, Motorcycle Helmet Requirements, and more recently Drink Drive and Drug Drive Limits.

The figures are promising and the movement closer and closer to the aim of zero road deaths per year is something that we should all be looking toward.

A word from the Bill Plant National Driving School’s Operations Director, Paul Kittrick;

“There is no such thing as a man-made accident, only incidents and collisions. These are preventable. There are very very few real accidents that cause road deaths and these include freak accidents such as trees falling onto cars. The other 99.99% of road deaths are caused by incidents and collisions, each and every one of these road deaths is the result of circumstances that were wholly preventable.
The risks associated to driving outside of the guidelines given in the Highway Code are far larger than road users often realise, until of course it is themselves that are a part of the statistics – don’t put yourself or other road users at risk by driving dangerously. Be road aware, be Road Safety aware and help us eradicate road deaths altogether.”

Stay safe on the roads and keep in mind that by following the guidelines set out, nearly every road death can be avoided! Quite an astonishing statement but very true.
Have fun celebrating 60 years of the Queen holding the throne, and during the Jubilee weekend be sure to not drink & drive.


Bill Plant Give Away an Hyundai i30 – Again!

Bill Plant Give Away an Hyundai i30 – Again!

The Annual Giveaway
The Bill Plant Driving School asked a simple road safety question last year to the tune of ‘what is the speed limit in a street lit area?’
The answer quite clearly is 30mph, and all of the correct answers received through a simple form completion on the Bill Plant Driving School website entered people into the prize draw.

The competition was open for a full year, and was carried on following the success it had in the previous year 2010-2011 with a brand new Hyundai i30 being snapped up by a young girl in Milton Keynes in the May of 2011. The competition for 2011-2012 saw hundreds of thousands of answers submitted, and don’t worry about people speeding through your street-lit town or village as all entries received an email some weeks ago informing them of the correct answer just in case a huge misunderstanding had taken place and people were not correctly informed – but we don’t think anyone didn’t know the answer to this, especially with the amount of free theory information we publish on a frequent basis relating directly to how to drive on the UK roads.
The lucky winner this time around was chosen at random from the complete list of correct answers submitted just like the last time and the time before that.
Our congratulations go out to Winfred Purcell of Birmingham, who sadly couldn’t make the journey up to our head office in Ripon to collect her prize, so instead sent her loving daughter as pictured.

Hyundai i30 May 2012 Winner

The competition is now live again, and your answers have been submitted for the last month, with 11 more months of submissions to go before we draw the lucky correct answer in May 2013, but this time for a brand new Audi!

You can submit your answer by visiting our Driving School website and answering our new question: What does a solid amber traffic light mean?
We’re looking forward to receiving the rest of your answers and cannot wait to draw the next winner this time next year!

To all who have entered and to all those that will, we wish you all the very best of luck!
If you need some theory practice in the meantime, visit our Highway Code page for some helpful hints and tips.


April 2012: iPad Giveaway!

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Bill Plant Driving School

iPad Giveaway – Facebook Competition

Today we took a little trip, not too far down the road we found ourselves in Selby North Yorkshire at Selby College!
We were there with a purpose, to hand over a brand new Apple iPad to the lucky winner as drawn from our Facebook likers at the end of April 2012.
That lucky winner was one of over six thousand followers of the Bill Plant Driving School’s Facebook page, and whilst receiving daily updates to their own Facebook accounts by being a follower of ours, including information on the Highway Code, Road Safety, Driving Lesson offers and deals, and different snippets of information to help learner drivers become familiar with being behind the wheel, the followers are entered into a prize draw drawn at random from the complete list to win an iPad.

“Great Scott!” Ok then, Tom Scott

Tom’s name has spread like wildfire around Selby College as he was the lucky liker picked from thousands to receive the prize at the end of April 2012, and was the reason we found ourselves headed towards Selby this afternoon, iPad in hand to give to Tom his prize.
Tom was happy to be the winner, and we think that it may have been a bit of a delayed reaction, but we don’t mind. We know that he was over the moon to have won a brand new iPad, afterall, who wouldn’t be?
We took some photos, and were even joined by a professional photographer from the Selby Times, who mentioned that the story should run in the Selby Times next week; keep your eyes peeled!

The Bill Plant Driving School run this competition every two months and this is the 4th iPad that we have simply given away to one lucky winner drawn from the followers of the Bill Plant Driving School Facebook page. The next competition is now live and kicking and those days are counting down until we give away yet another fantastic iPad to one winner chosen from the likers at the end of June 2012.

Bill Plant Driving School Give Away iPad's

Make sure that you are following our page for your chance to be our next iPad winner!


Bill Plant Driving School Adopt the Audi A3

The news is here, and it is official!
The UK’s favourite national driving school has made up its mind, and has chosen none other than the Audi A3, SE TDi 1.6 Diesel as their new vehicle!
Your local Bill Plant Driving Instructor will soon be driving this new vehicle in favour of the Hyundai i30 that has served your local friendly Bill Plant Driving Instructor well over the years.
The new Audi A3 is rated as one of the safest cars on the road today. With Audi’s qualitative build mechanics and the drivers comfort and enjoyment at the focus of the driving experience, you can be sure that driving the new Audi A3 will be a pure pleasure!
Audi A3 - Bill Plant's car of choice!
Over the next 12 months, each and every Hyundai i30 on the road and in the hands of our driving instructors will be replaced with a brand new Audi A3.
This phasing changeover is due to commence in May of 2012 so keep your eyes peeled for the Audi A3 bursting onto the scene near you!
Book your driving lessons online through the Bill Plant website at, or call us free of charge [mobile friendly too!] on 0330 555 2254.

iPad Winners

Well you already know that the Bill Plant School of Motoring offers the very best standard of driving lessons available throughout the UK, and it’s something we’re proud of. We like to be seen to be giving back when it comes to the company image as a whole, and as a result we run competitions, offers, deals, and various opportunities for people to save money and get the best out of their efforts at all times. Recently (in September 2011) we started a competition that would give away an iPad 2 to one lucky winner, chosen by picking through prize draw methods (a number at random) one of the ‘likes’ of our official Facebook page. This was an opportunity for people to simply ‘like’ our page, and have a chance of being chosen to be the lucky winner of our iPad 2, and what is more, what is much much more; we intended to run this competition every 2 months.

The first winner of the iPad 2 was picked from the likes of our Facebook page on the final second of October 2011, this lucky winner was Angie Wood of Ripon, and she was extremely surprised to have been picked at random from the likes we had. Our congratulations went out to Angie, and posting pictures on various social media feeds saw congratulations come in for Angie from friends, family, and even from people she did not know.
iPad 2 Winner - October 2011
Our competition went live again the very next second and the likes we had accumulated from the first shot at the competition were automatically entered into the prize draw for the next time the prize draw would be run, the message went out that people would have all the reason they needed to be getting excited around the end of December 2011, as if Christmas and other seasonal celebrations weren’t enough, ha. All that those previous likes had to do was remain a liker of the Facebook page and they would be entered into the prize draw again, and again, and again…it really is that simple, and as a result they did! The next winner chosen via prize draw at the end of December 2011 was none other than Stuart Nye of Birmingham, and once again our congratulations went out to Stuart, with yet again more congratulations coming in from all around.
iPad 2 Winner - December 2011
Next we have our most recent iPad 2 winner, a young lady by the name of Lisa Anderson of Horsham, West Sussex. Lisa received her iPad only today, and couldn’t be happier!
iPad 2 Winner - February 2012
Congratulations Lisa, we are very very happy for you.

The competition continues to run, and the next draw is scheduled for the end of April 2012, only this time we’ll be giving away an iPad 3 following Apple’s release only days ago. Get your likes in, and make sure you’re a follower of our Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning yourself a brand new iPad!


iPad Winners

Well you already know that the Bill Plant School of Motoring offers the very best standard of driving lessons available throughout the UK, and it’s something we’re proud of. We like to be seen to be giving back when it comes to the company image as a whole, and as a result we run competitions, offers, deals, and various opportunities for people to save money and get the best out of their efforts at all times. Recently (in September 2011) we started a competition that would give away an iPad 2 to one lucky winner, chosen by picking through prize draw methods (a number at random) one of the ‘likes’ of our official Facebook page. This was an opportunity for people to simply ‘like’ our page, and have a chance of being chosen to be the lucky winner of our iPad 2, and what is more, what is much much more; we intended to run this competition every 2 months.

The first winner of the iPad 2 was picked from the likes of our Facebook page on the final second of October 2011, this lucky winner was Angie Wood of Ripon, and she was extremely surprised to have been picked at random from the likes we had. Our congratulations went out to Angie, and posting pictures on various social media feeds saw congratulations come in for Angie from friends, family, and even from people she did not know.
iPad 2 Winner - October 2011
Our competition went live again the very next second and the likes we had accumulated from the first shot at the competition were automatically entered into the prize draw for the next time the prize draw would be run, the message went out that people would have all the reason they needed to be getting excited around the end of December 2011, as if Christmas and other seasonal celebrations weren’t enough, ha. All that those previous likes had to do was remain a liker of the Facebook page and they would be entered into the prize draw again, and again, and again…it really is that simple, and as a result they did! The next winner chosen via prize draw at the end of December 2011 was none other than Stuart Nye of Birmingham, and once again our congratulations went out to Stuart, with yet again more congratulations coming in from all around.
iPad 2 Winner - December 2011
Next we have our most recent iPad 2 winner, a young lady by the name of Lisa Anderson of Horsham, West Sussex. Lisa received her iPad only today, and couldn’t be happier!
iPad 2 Winner - February 2012
Congratulations Lisa, we are very very happy for you.

The competition continues to run, and the next draw is scheduled for the end of April 2012, only this time we’ll be giving away an iPad 3 following Apple’s release only days ago. Get your likes in, and make sure you’re a follower of our Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning yourself a brand new iPad!

Bill Plant Facebook Competition

Here at Bill Plant, we like to be seen to be giving back.

We bring to you the best value driving lessons from the highest qualified driving instructors throughout the UK, and we cover driving lessons on a national basis throughout the UK!

We launched a competition that would be run through one of our favourite social media platform; Facebook.

Through Facebook we decided in August 2011 that we would give away an iPad2 to one lucky winner chosen at random from all of the likes that the Bill Plant National Driving School Facebook page had. This competition started in September 2011, and was set to run for 2 months, with the prize draw being pulled at the end of October 2011.

Bill Plant iPad2 Giveaway

At the end of October 2011 we chose a number at random, and correlated this to the like count that we had been monitoring. The winner was notified and the iPad2 that they had won was hand delivered to them by a Bill Plant representative. Congratulations go out to Angie Wood of Ripon, UK.
On that exact same day as the prize draw was pulled, we continued the count through until the end of December where we pulled another random number from the complete list of likes of our Facebook page, and again, the winner was hand delivered an iPad2 by another Bill Plant representative! Congratulations go out to Steve Nye of Birmingham, UK.

We did not stop there!

We continued the count yet again and drew another winner from the likes of the Bill Plant National Driving School page, congratulations go out to Lisa Anderson of as yet unknown as this time the winner is still in the throws of dealing with the excitement of being chosen at complete random to be announced as the winner of a brand new iPad2…and understandably so…

When the winner gets over these throws of excitement and gets back to us, we will order the colour of their choice, and will once again see that it is hand delivered directly to them.

The competition is live again, and the likes are continuously being monitored so that come the end of April 2012 we can pull another random like and announce that they are the lucky winners of an iPad2 courtesy of Bill Plant National Driving School.

Could you be the next winner? Are you a liker of the Bill Plant Driving School page?


Zero Faults with Bill Plant Driving Instructors

Well we just get excited, the air has a buzz to it and the general atmosphere has life and tingles to it. Smiles appear across all faces and that flicker of pure happiness is clear in every persons eyes as they too hear the news of yet another triumphant achievement felt by so very few…

We are of course talking about that little bit of news that flies back to the Bill Plant Driving School head office every time a pupil who has been taking lessons with a Bill Plant Driving School driving instructor has managed to float seemingly effortlessly through their driving test, and has received that statement, “Congratulations, you have passed”, and what is more, with not even a single minor fault at all!

Congratulations to you!

Passing your driving test in the UK without a single minor fault is something to be awed at. Managing this feat of driving skill whilst all-the-while being scrutinised and judged at each and every turn is a serious achievement worthy of applaud from all.
The UK Driving Standards Agency sets these minor driving faults with a cap of 15 minor driving faults resulting in the failed driving test attempt. Minor driving faults can occur from various driving errors that do not constitute a dangerous or plausibly dangerous driving fault. Accidentally missing a gear or failure to check a mirror during a maneouvre may constitute a minor driving fault depending on the specific circumstances at the time. However failure to check over your shoulder and look toward your blind spot when changing lane for example, may result in an instant fail as this will no doubt be classed as a serious fault as it could potentially cause danger to yourself and/or other road users.
More dangerous mistakes during taking your driving test will be classed as a dangerous fault as they may involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public, or property.
These will always result in an instant test fail.

So, regardless of which driving school you have chosen to take your driving lessons with, managing to maneouvre your way through your test and making no dangerous faults is certainly something to applaud. Going a step further and making no serious faults either, that albeit do not pose an immediate threat of danger to yourself nor the other road users, is again something to applaud. Getting through this somewhat nerve racking scrutinising experience without accumulating any more than 15 minor driving faults that do not pose a threat of danger whatsoever, is a pass, and is to most people the single most important achievement of their early lives.
Getting through the entire UK driving test without making so much as a single mistake, well, this is altogether something else, and is definitely an achievement worth noting and making public!
Today our congratulations go out to this pupil having pulled off this magnificent feat in Hull, Yorkshire, following instruction from Mick Knowles, a Bill Plant Driving Instructor based in Brough, Yorkshire.

Mick Knowles Zero Faults

Another happy chappy after getting through the driving test without a single minor driver error, with Nigel Smart in Harpenden! Congrtulations!

Nigel Smart Zero Faults

This young gent has flown through his driving test just the other day in York, North Yorkshire with non other than Mark Deighton, and has done so without getting a single minor fault and also on his first ever test! Congrtulations to you!

Mark Deighton Zero Faults

We’re going to be putting fresh pictures here every time we get this great news of pupils passing their driving tests with the Bill Plant Driving School, having done so with no minor faults, why, well we just want to shout it out!